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Selling On Ebay - 5 Ways To Dominate All Competition And Make More Money

Mar 30, 2008
1) Create a friendly profile.

Many of the top eBay power sellers decided that it was very beneficial to have a personal profile on eBay. This page is known as the "About Me" section. Once you decide to have your own personal page, the next step is to determine what information you want to include. It is a very good idea to include information about yourself that relates to your online auctions, as well as some personal information. Try to keep a balance between the professional and the personal information. It would also be a very good idea to include photographs and other visual elements to help build trust with the potential customers. Keep in mind that this is like someone walking into your store and getting to know you before giving you their money. Do not write too much personal information or give out any phone numbers.

2) Gather a lot of good feedback ratings.

This part of the process can be the most important to your success on eBay. Here is something to think about; "Would you eat at a restaurant that gets terrible ratings?" I would presume that the answer is absolutely no! Think of your eBay store as your own little restaurant. The more positive feedback and ratings that people see, the more intrigued they will get, thus the more money you can potentially make from them. As you make sales, be sure you do your best and gather all the positive feedback you can get. Treat your online customers as though you were selling to them face to face.

3) Include product photos and details.

Not only do you want to sell high quality items, but you must also provide all the information available to it. Imagine getting a magazine from an electronics superstore without any pictures. Wouldn't that just turn you off and destroy the initiative to go out and buy anything from them? It would be best to include pictures of your product from all angles. The information will let the customer know exactly how good the product is. Basically, if there is no picture and information, there is no sale.

4) Try to include free shipping.

One great tactic that is used by many of the top power sellers on eBay is to include free shipping on certain items. The small items that cost a few dollars are not really paid much attention to when it comes to shipping. The larger and more expensive products are to be given more attention. A good example of this tactic is to give free shipping on orders over let's say $80-$100. This will help to boost the product's probability of being sold.

5) Offer a complete refund for all products.

In the time I have spent selling products on eBay, I have only had to refund one person for a damaged item. It is pretty rare to refund anyone unless it is something rather serious. If you add this to your seller's profile it will really help to build that trust and give the customer a piece of mind. I understand that it is pretty hard to have to send back a full refund on a damaged item sometimes. It is also very important to show them that they can trust the quality of the product too. I have seen many sellers who have lost many potential high paying customers because they simple did not offer a refund.

Besides the information from this article, there are many other ways to dominate the competition and make more money. You can simply look at the format of other power sellers and see their tactics for making it big on eBay. Good luck and keep selling.
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