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Get Higher Search Engine Placement With 1-Way Links Inbound To Your Website!

Mar 30, 2008
Building the number of links back to your website from other websites is the most effective way to get higher search engine placement. Reciprocal links are now discounted by search engines and don't count as much. The best links to have are one-way links in, without corresponding links back to that source.

So how do you arrange that? Here is an interesting and effective new way to get those links, a way you should know about and consider using. Interested in more inbound links? Good! Read on...

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are things you can do on-site and other things you can do off-site to get higher search engine placement. You need to do both, but the most important is what you have arranged off-site.

The most important thing you can do, is to get a large number of one-way inbound links out there for the search engines to find. You used to do this with reciprocal links (you link to me and I link to you), but the importance of this type of inbound link is now heavily discounted by the search engines.

One-way links inbound are the way to go. Also, the relevance of links now plays an important role. The keywords of the source of the inbound links should have some relationship to your keywords. If they are entirely different, then the link from there will be given low importance.

But links from sites with similar or related keywords will be deemed much more relevant. You will get more credit and points for such links. Of course, it's not necessary that all of your in-bound links are highly relevant. If a significant percentage are relevant, the rest will help in just pure numbers.

To get higher search engine placement then, how do you find websites that will link to you without you having to reciprocate?

One ingenious solution is to use "3-way links". In this setup, website A will link to website B. Website B will then link to C, and C will then link to A. When search engines look at each website they see an inbound link from a site without there being a reciprocal outbound link going back to that site.

Expand the idea to 300 websites, 100 each in groups A, B and C. You end up with each website having 100 links in-bound from sites with which they have no reciprocal links. There is also an equal number outbound, to different websites for which there is no other visible connection. Great! It's a win-win-win situation!

All you need is an organizer-coordinator to set up the rules, oversee the network, police it and keep everything straight and in order. There are several setups that supply this type of service. Since it is a relatively new idea, all of these service providers are still in various stages of development and roll-out.

Results to date have been good to spectacular. Some new sites are on the first page of SERPs for one or more of their keywords in less than a month. Existing sites that have been stuck on the second or third page have achieved first page status. Users get higher search engine placement and come back for more...

Almost any website can benefit. New start-ups that want to get on the first page of SERPs for their keywords fast, existing sites that just need the boost of 100-300 new inbound links to break into the next level to dominate their niches, old sites that just want to shore up their positions with more links.

Be sure you use a service that bans controversial "trouble" sites and questionable practices that could cause problems of "guilt by association". Also, choose one that meters the new links out slowly. Going from 0 links to 100 overnight sets off alarm bells as being unnatural and can get your site "sandboxed".

For more info on how to get better search engine placement and find good 3-way link providers, follow the links below...
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To understand more about how to get better search engine placement, visit: Better Search Engine Placement For more info on 3-way links, including where to find good suppliers, visit: 3-Way Links George W. Chavez is an intermediate-advanced student of SEO at: http://seo4moretraffic.com/George_W._Chavez.html
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