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An Honest Review Of Cruise To Cash - A Home-based Business

Mar 31, 2008
When I first joined Cruise to Cash a few months ago, I was very excited. And I still am excited. Here is why. I thought it a good idea to tell you of the advantages to owning your own Cruise to Cash site and tell you about the company and how it performs and to write a review of the benefits of this work at home business.

This program offers not just a home business model for the newbie to the advanced marketer, it also offers you as the site owner a plethora of vacation vouchers that can be printed off at will. That is what enticed me to join and I haven't looked back since. The vacation vouchers are unlimited and provide a 1-800 number to call to activate. You call the toll-free number, make you reservation to one of 700 destinations and vacation plans, pay a small activation fee and the voucher printed from your computer printer is replaced by an authentic vacation certificate that is mailed to you. The only costs is taxes for hotels, airlines and cruise port taxes which you would normally pay and a small monthly subscription fee to the person whose site you visit for membership.

As a step up, after reading many testimonials on the web from site owners, I have recently gone a step further and signed up with an optional feature of the company - the Sales Center Site. I have never liked to sell, even when I was a Girl Scout and as an adult, hosted my share of Tupperware and Mary Kay parties so this was appealing and a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle. At the end of the parties, when the moment came to collect the payment, I always felt uncomfortable. I don't like the idea of selling to my friends and family.

That is the beauty of the Sales Center that I opted to join. I post ads to different ad companies provided by the back office and by the person to whom I joined under, and the Sales Center does all the selling, follow-up emails and follow-up calls. It is the best of both worlds. The man that I signed up under is currently earning $10K a month and is determined to succeed since he has personally filed for bankruptcy twice. Many others are making five and six figure incomes. These folks are the ones who market their site by typing ads on a regular basis and all of them use different methods to advertise. The ads you see for any company touting a home based business that says you can be lazy and make thousands is deceitful, there is no such thing. You get what you put into a company.

If you treat your new business, like a business and not a hobby, this could be your last job and the beauty of all of this is choosing a home based business which means you can stay at home instead of commuting and answering to someone elses schedule/personality clashes as well. At home you can set your own schedule and work around "Life" as it presents itself to all of us with unplanned interruptions. It also presents a true opportunity to spend more time with your family. If you have self-drive and initiative, you can be successful at a home based business such as Cruise to Cash if you are persistent and have faith in yourself and the company. Choose a reputable company.

Cruise to Cash is just such a company. Their Customer Service provided me with 110% aid and support especially when I was new to internet marketing. Their back office provided me with unlimited ideas and places to advertise as well as other options not usually afforded to a newbie on a small budget. The Sales Center itself is professional and operates for you as your own personal sales team that years ago was only available to large companies with matching large advertising budgets. All of that has changed with internet marketing. As a closing review, I have found this home based business, Cruise to Cash and its Sales Center, to be profitable and a wise choice for a home-based venture.
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