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The 4th Lost Rule of Network Marketing Success

Mar 31, 2008
Here is a common question heard from many network marketers a few months into their business.

"What do I do when my warm market is gone?"

Your business is not going to fail because your friends, family, or co-workers do not want to join you. Just accept this as normal, and that that they are not right for your opportunity at this time. In addition, although your warm market can be your best option for customers and business partners, sometimes it can be the most challenging.

What else can you do to generate new prospects?

Some people like to buy leads. There are several different types of leads. Some lead companies collect data from the web, while others do infomercials and direct mail campaigns to acquire the leads. Then they sell these home based business leads to people like you.

If you are going to buy leads there are many options available one we can recommend is Cutting Edge Media. They have high quality leads, and some of the most qualified leads that we have seen.

If you do not want to buy leads, and prefer to develop your own leads instead, then read on.

Network Marketing is all about building relationships. There is an abundance of clubs, associations, and business mixers in your local area that you can join that will be terrifically beneficial for your business. In addition to learning new skills, you will learn about other people, and you will have the opportunity to build new relationships, with people outside your current circle. Don't go into it expecting to recruit people into your business. Look at it as an opportunity to meet new people - and if the opportunity presents itself, and the timing is right - then tell them about your business.

Some other ways to build more relationships are to join clubs, attend classes, or go to business mixers. The world around you is filled with organizations you can join to meet other people who have similar interests. Think about organizations you are currently involved in or ones you have been in the past.

It can feel awkward to start building new relationships, what do you do with them, outside of the class or organization your part of together? Playing MLM The Game is one fun way to learn about new prospects and to open their eyes to network marketing.

Go out this week and find a workshop on something you've always wanted to learn. Take a pottery class, sign up for martial arts, or join an adult sports league.

For example:

Public Speaking is a skill that will most definitely propel your success. You can challenge yourself to become greater by joining a local Toast Masters group or any other public speaking workshop. Here you can practice your Why, get better at story telling, refine your language, and best of all get a non-biased critique back! Who knows, maybe you will also meet your next powerhouse of a leader!

Your ability to consistently find new people to build quality relationships, will allow you to frequently open up a new network of people to share your business with.

There are countless ways to meet new people that you may have not thought about. One of the best ways to do this is through the people you already know. Just think of the last boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner you had, for instance. How did you meet them? How did you meet the current love of your life?

If you are like most people, then it was probably through the people you know. Furthermore, most people also often find the best jobs, clients, and friends through people they already know. Your business is no different.

On a parallel note, here is something that is often overlooked; the network of people who are NOT interested in your business. What about them? After all, they also know people you don't, and for this simple reason alone, you should be interested in them.

Just because someone you approach isn't interested in your business, does not mean that his or her friends or family will not be interested. When someone says "no" to your business, thank them for listening, let them know how committed you are to the business, and that you would have enjoyed working with them had they been interested. Then ask them if they know of anyone, a friend, a colleague, or a relative that might be interested in the opportunity. Be bold and ask their permission to contact their friends, family members, and associates. Ask them for a list of people that they think might be a good fit. You would be surprised how many prospects you can get out of a "no". In fact, it may just make them change their own mind altogether!

Another fantastic strategy is online searching. Network marketing in this day and age has been blessed with the power of the internet. Now, more than ever, people are developing relationships online, which quite often turn into relationships in person. Social networking online has created a revolution that network marketers like you MUST take advantage of. If you are not a member of online communities like Myspace, Pathconnect, Friendster, Ryze, Linkedin, etc., then sign up for one that interests you. There are many more, in fact too many to list, but these are the ones we have found to be some of the best for business.

This phenomenon of modern technology has multiplied the concept of meeting new people, and meeting the friends of people your new acquaintances. This is perfect because it provides a presorted filter of people values goals and interests.

Although we are advocates for avenues of networking such as this, we offer a few words to the wise about using social networking website to do business.

There are TONS of people in network marketing already taking advantage of social networking websites and most of them are doing it wrong. So in a way, you have a tremendous advantage if you do it the right way. Don't be like most amateur networkers and make the same mistakes they are making. There is an abundance of people making wild income claims that deface the value of network marketing because they simply are not true. Furthermore, most of them do not take the time to build the relationship before offering their opportunity.

Just because you have the power of the internet at your fingertips, does not mean you don't have to build rapport. In fact, it means you need to put MORE effort into doing so. As we all know, the internet can be a feeding frenzy for scam-artists and shady individuals alike. Lying or stealing innocent people's hard-earned money is a common threat in today's society, which is why we are teaching you how to distinguish yourself from inauthentic people who don't take the time to build the relationship before offering their opportunity. If you take the honest approach we are teaching you, people will appreciate it, and be more open to doing business with you.

Whether you are networking online, at a coffee shop, or even at a friends house. Use the skills we have taught you in building relationships, and your journey to success will be not only smoother, but hopefully an enjoyable process.
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The Infinite Synergy team developed MLM The Game, and has been involved helping home-business entrepreneurs build strong relationships and succeed faster through playing this game since 2003'. Please visit this mlm training website at www.mlmthegame.com for details.
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