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Social Bookmarking - The Pro's and Con's

Mar 31, 2008
Internet has become an unavoidable part of human life. It is being used by all sorts of people regardless any barriers. Now, there are several techniques that help users to use it much more easily. One of such techniques is social bookmarking.

People use internet on a daily basis nowadays. They search many pages regularly or frequently. Then social book marking is a technique by which searching these pages are made easy. The book marks of these pages are stored for later use in an organized manner. The book marks can be searched for use with the help of Meta data.

With social bookmarking:

The social bookmarking system works by storing the links of pages that are needed. The book marks are managed privately. But there is a flexibility to make it public among a specific group of people. The group can be special communities or some groups which are a mixing of private and public group. The book marks are taken by search engines or with the help of tags.

The bookmarks can be saved in folders or with tags or using a method that includes both of them. When the bookmarks are visited with tags, it is possible to know how many people have book marked that page. Groups of book marks or tags are possible in social book marking.

Web feeds are given to the book marks. This updates the users of new book marks and tags added by other visitors to these pages.

Reviews on book marks can be provided. This can be a positive or negative feed back on the book mark. The book marks can be send as mails or can be imported or exported from sites with the help of supporting browsers.

Thus book marking are of great use to the internet users as they can easily navigate the web pages. Their browsing is made much easier with the advent of social book marking. The users can form groups among themselves and thus the work has become faster and simple to handle.

With the advent of technology, users receive a large number of opportunities to use internet in a very friendly manner. The features available facilitate easy and fast internet access. One such feature provided is book marking or in a more customized manner social book marking.

This helps the users to store the links to web pages that they access. This links can be viewed with the help of search engines and tags.

The book marks can be accessed by all or can be organized so as to make it viewable to only a section of people. Thus public, private and combined use of book marks is possible. Thus social book marking aids people in a large number of ways.

The positive aspects of social book marking are:

The tags are arranged by human beings as different from software in the early period. So the tags are chosen on the basis of meanings. Thus the meaning is much more visible and revealed in the tags kept for the social book marks.

The ranking is done on the basis of the number of users book marking a site. In olden times, it was based on the links provided from a page. But book marking rates based on how many users are book marking the site. Thus the quality will be the basis of ranking as the users book mark based on quality.

There is facility to book mark using both tags and folders. This allows a greater level of flexibility.

The negative aspects are:

The tags can be misspelled or can have many draw backs like, the meaning is not clear, there is no definite structure for the tags, there is no format or standards.

There are chances of corruption in using social book marking. People will book mark sites a large number of times to get more traffic. Spammers will over ride these book markings with theirs and thus there arise a great chance of security violations in using book marks.

There arises a chance of congestion in using the book marks as there come a lot of book marks with the tags having similar properties and the search engines will have to face a collision in the tag search.

Although there is a great number of oppositions as there are supporters for the concept of social book marking, the advantages always keep it at a high rank. The people widely follow the concept as there are a number of positive aspects that need to be praised.
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