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Mar 31, 2008
Candle making has been around for a long time. It was used in ancient Egypt, London's Colonials made them, even China and Japan made candles using whale fat. When starting a home based candle business, you must consider what things you will need in order to begin building your job. Things like candle holders are a need, they don't at first seem that important. However you need them to begin selling scented or non-scented candles.

Paraffin wax is the primary leader in candle making today. Once you heat this wax or any other wax you can get for candle making, you must place it in a container. After placing the wax in this container, you must place a wick inside for it to burn. Other things can be placed in the wax if you desire to enhance the candles properties. Some of these things can be essential oils that will leave a pleasant scent when the candle burns. To do this process, you must pour some of the oil inside the vat of hot wax. Stirring the oil in will help dispense the smell through the candle.

In olden times, Egyptians used Beeswax as candle holders. Farther along in time candle makers used animal bi-products like fat of sheep or cow. There are many kinds of candle holders today examples are: Votive, pillar, tapered, birthday, floating, and tealites. You can also use Decorative glass jars or standard glass jars to be candle holders.

Wicks are important in the process as well. Finding a good wick can provide a better candle then those of a low quality. There are many brands of wicks available so you can get several types and experiment with the different brands until you find the one you like and works well for you.

After the wick and wax are both within the candle holder, you must let it cool. Once the candle is fully cold and stiff like normal store bought candles, you can either remove the candle from its holder or you can sell the finished product as is. This is a big choice to make. If you are selling candles based on a good price, you need to consider the effects of how much you charge per candle.

If it is a scented candle and you had used a slender non-stick object to mold the wax, you can remove the product. This process works well with pillar candles both scented and non-scented.

Some great ideas to create with candles are Kits. These candle kits are wonderful to use or sell depending on your own personal style. There are kits like the Gel candle making set. This set features all the ingredients to make candles using gel. Contents are twelve bags of wax candle chips, about 8 gel tubes, and twelve candle glass jars.

These are perfect for use when you want a translucent candle that matches your home decor. Marbled candle kit; this kit features all the ingredients to make a marble looking candle, all the supplies needed are included. All you have to do is make the candle and when poured, the mix makes the candles a marble coloring. Other kits are available if you search.
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