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Get Paid To Take Survey : Does Companies Really Pay You?

Mar 31, 2008
You can get paid to take survey! And that too an online survey! Surprised, well don't be, just read on to know more about it.

Hundreds of places promise you will get paid to take survey forms and complete them online. Not all of these companies are ones that you will want to deal with and finding the best companies can be quite a challenge for a dedicated web searcher. Some of the sites you will run across are not really survey sites, but pretend to be market research companies in order to sell their services and products to you. Other companies will sell your name to spam marketers and quickly fill up your email inbox with spam messages that you have no desire to receive. Other companies won't pay as promised. When you choose market research companies, take a look at the type of surveys in order to decide whether to sign up or not.

True market research

The majority of surveys that are displayed online are for the purpose of market research. Companies pay huge advertising dollars and they use survey results to see whether the advertising is having the desired results. Companies want to know if customers are purchasing the product in one location over another. Companies want to know if the product is being purchased by the customer that was expected to use the product. Companies sometimes want to know the price that was paid for a product, so that prices can be adjusted for a higher volume of sales. For true market research, you get paid to take survey forms and complete them.


Many surveys are created simply as advertising tools for their products. These, unfortunately are not as profitable to a survey taker, since you don't actually get paid to take survey questionnaires. You may simply get a long list of short statements which would indicate interest in a particular product or service. An common example is for educational classes at online or regular university. The survey may require you to commit to some product or informational email before you can go on to the next list of products. A few companies actually use the survey as a mild form of advertising rather than the high pressure marketing.

Interest judgment

Sometimes the survey taker find he or she will get paid to take survey just to the manufacturer can judge whether there is any interest in a product in a particular area. By test marketing their product, corporations are not spending as much money to launch the product, yet get some information from the results of the survey questions.

Name recognition

Sometimes the survey questionnaire is presented and the respondent can get paid to take survey just so the company name recognition is increased. The people who complete the survey about a product may never have heard of it prior to the questionnaire, but after completing the survey, there will be increased knowledge about the product, simply because of the way the questions are written.

When you are looking for companies that pay you for your survey work, you will probably gain the most benefit when you look for surveys that are for the purpose of market research or advertising.
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