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Work From Home: Four Good Reasons To Quit Your Corporate Job

Mar 31, 2008
Dissatisfied with your job? Want to quit? Want to work from home? The article outlines four important reasons for a person to quit his/her 9 to 5 job and explore the online money making option.

No matter what reason you have throwing in the towel and becoming a home based entrepreneur, you will have some serious transition time. You may be viewing the handwriting on the wall already, or you may just be waiting till you can get a Plan B going properly, but you would be wise to plan ahead as much as possible before putting a stop to working for others. If you're looking for an excuse to quit the corporate world and work from home, almost any excuse will do, but below are listed four good reasons for resolving the difficulties issues involved in the workplace.

The stress is building to the point where it is affecting your physical and emotional health

No one would argue that stress has no affect on physical and emotional health, yet the signs of significant stress in your life may manifest in very different ways. Some people get sick, others make telephone calls, others still get significantly depressed. Some will even begin suffering from a migraine. If you hate going to work and the idea of work from home sounds much more appealing, you should explore the job opportunities that don't involve a daily commute.

The company you work for is ethically challenged

If there is a mismatch between your ethics and those of the company you work for, then continuing to wrestle with your conscience can be a most frustrating and stressful experience. For example, if customer service people are routinely forced to promise products or services that can't possibly be delivered, your best bet may be to cut the ties to the corporate world and work at home. Sometimes working for a particular employer may mean that you are helping to make or provide a product or service that you don't personally believe in.

You don't get along with your coworkers or employers

In one sense, this may be a Catch-22 situation. You don't want to work at your current employment, so you don't get along with those who work there and because you don't get along well with your bosses and coworkers, you don't want to work there. However, in another sense, the difficulty may be much more far-reaching and may be a symbol of all the reasons why you should leave the corporate job and work from home. If your goals change significantly, it's hard to continue associating with the people and places that you once may have found acceptable.

There's no excitement left in going to work

Some people would say their work is now boring--there is no challenge left in doing the same thing at the same time every day for the rest of their working life. This is what is meant by 'no excitement'. If you have a driving need to see more than mind-numbing boredom in your working world, consider the opportunities offered by work from home. This is perhaps the best reason of all to quit your corporate job and go to work for yourself.
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