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Changing Your Business Plan For Eternity

Mar 31, 2008
Communication is key. The more people you can bring to your websites the more money you are going to make. You can have the greatest products in the world sold on the most beautifully designed website online, but if no-one knows where it is, you are just going to be wasting the twenty bucks or so that you are spending each month for your website hosting service.

There are a dozen different ways to bring people to your website. This article will discuss the ones that are most effective. I am sure there are other ways too. I am sure you will find people who will tell you that this site is great or that method gave them results. Maybe they are right, and you are welcome to try them.

What I can tell you is that I have tried a lot of different marketing techniques and this article will reveal all the ones that work best for me and should work for you too. That does not necessarily mean that they will work for you.

If there is one piece of advice regarding online marketing that you learn from this article, it is that marketing has to be flexible. Like I said, I tried dozens of different methods. If I had not kept a constant watch on how those methods were working, if I had not dropped those that were not worth the effort and repeated my success with those that brought in cash, I would still be at my J.O.B. i.e., Just Over Broke.

I will tell you briefly about the methods that I found consistently effective. If they do not work for your product, give it a little time then switch the methods around. Remember, flexibility is the key.

1. Select a host
2. Create the design & build a website
3. Get your site up & running
4. Learn the secrets of successful search engine optimization
5. Bring traffic
6. Buy advertising that pays
7. Make the most of the millions of affiliate programs that will pay real dollars for your website visitors you have never met and never will
8. Examine the various kinds of products you can create and sell online
9. Put everything together to create a truly integrated business system that brings in real cash, hour after hour, day after day!

Whether you choose to succeed or not using the information revealed in this article, is entirely up to you.
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