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Discover 8 Priceless Ways to Improve Your Article Marketing

Mar 31, 2008
What successful marketers say is true: Article marketing is the most powerful traffic-generating and product marketing tool in the internet today. Millions of internet business owners are using it not just because it is effective, but most importantly, it is free and easy to use.

Here are the 8 priceless ways to improve your article marketing:

1. One of the main reasons why you are publishing your articles is to build rapport with your potential clients. You would want them to like you so they will eventually consider doing business with you. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by taking the time and making your author's bio interesting. Most publishing sites allow you to introduce yourself to your readers so they would know more about you on a personal level. List down your hobbies, interests, your expertise, your desire to help, and some of your personal information. Don't forget to include your most recent photos so your readers can connect the information with a face.

2. Consider your target market. Never write based on what you want to know and put your readers on top of your priority list. Consider their needs, their pressing issues, their demands, and the things that they are deeply passionate about. These are the topics that you should write about to effectively drive them to your website.

3. Learn how to attract attention online. If you are unable to grab the attention of online users, your marketing efforts will go down the drain. Learn the ways on how to get people to notice you by using striking titles that can easily pique the curiosity of your potential clients. Use powerful words, communicate the benefits you can offer to your readers, and be direct to the point.

4. Be a good source of information. By this, I mean offering your readers with fresh, unique content and not just re-writes of articles that are posted on the web. For your articles to be valuable, they need to include content that cannot be found elsewhere.

5. Be entertaining. Never sound boring or you'll instantly lose the business of your readers. Make your articles sound upbeat, entertaining, friendly, and warm so you can easily build that connection with your potential clients.

6. Be trustworthy. If you would like people to trust you, you need to strive on giving them content that are credible and fact-based. Remember, one wrong information can easily mislead your readers. This can greatly hurt your online credibility and make you easily lose your clients.

7. Create more inbound links for your website. There are actually 2 ways to do that: multiply the number of your articles and focus on the quality of your content. When you increase the number of your output, you will gain one quality inbound link per submission. You will also increase your backlinks when you create great articles as you can be assured that they will be picked up and widely republished by other marketers.

8. Maximize the use of your resource box. You can actually use 3 hyperlinks within your resource box that will drive your readers to your website. Take advantage of this to increase the chances of your site being visited. I suggest that you use 2 anchor texts and an absolute URL.
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