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New To Internet Business - All You Need For Free Website Building

Mar 31, 2008
One of the aspects of developing an online business is developing and managing a web presence. It is a highly useful tool for any online entrepreneur to have at least a basic knowledge of how to build a web page or website. Many believe that website building requires technical expertise and expensive software, however there are only 3 things you need for Free Website building.

1. The right software - free of course,
2. a knowledge of what online resources are available to help you,
3. and a basic knowledge of some simple techniques.

It may seem surprising. Isn't the software really expensive, how much is Dreamweaver? How do I find the right resources on the internet, and how do I fin out where to start. Let's face it html code looks like gobbledygook. Don't you need years at college or university to understand all that stuff. Have a look for yourself now. All you need to do is select "View",
then "Source" in your web browser"s toolbar.

You are right, Dreamweaver is expensive. but if you are I highly qualified software engineer, then it is probably very good value. The reason is that Dreamweaver is packed full of advanced functionality. Functionality. most of which you or I would never use, a} because we don't know how, and b) because we don't know it even existed so therefore wouldn't even contemplate using it. The truth is everything we need to do is available in free software available through Open Source. There are a number of completely free html editors and ftp programs. For graphics, I use my word processor combined with Irfanview, an free graphics viewer.

What many people don't know is that there are also some excellent online resources to help build great looking websites. Open Source Web Design is a great website found at oswd.org. This is a repository of templates which are available for download and use by anyone. I have build several websites based on designs found there.

Another useful tool is find and replace software. What happens when you have built a 20 or 30 page website only to find that you need to change a file name on every page. Find and replace software can be set up in seconds to go into each file and make the changes.

I have mentioned technical knowledge. It is true that if you can use a word processor to format documents, add images, format text etc, and you know how to copy and paste, then that is pretty much all of the technical expertise you need to produce your own websites. In fact html editors use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, so it is pretty much like using a word processor. So the technical knowledge is not a problem. All that is needed is for someone to show you how to do the simple tasks in order to create a website and how to avoid common mistakes.
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