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Google Endorses Controversial "Get Google Ads Free" Product

Mar 31, 2008
In April 2007, an ebook product called "Get Google Ads Free" was released by retired doctor Jon Cohen of New York. The product detailed a method that Dr. Cohen had developed and used for the previous 9 years to acquire over $93 million in Google Adwords ads for free. He used the ads to market products for 16 different companies he created and built up a personal fortune of over $70 million.

Immediately after the product was released, it created a big controversy in the Internet Marketing business. People on various blogs and forums were highly critical of the product, even calling it a "scam".

However, after a short few months, people that purchased and bought the product started to post positive comments in the forums and blogs, supporting the marketing claims made by Dr. Cohen. People said that the "secret" of "Get Google Ads Free" actually lies in an old traditional direct response marketing strategy with a completely NEW Internet "twist" that no one's ever seen.

One of the most well-known internet marketing forums, WarriorForum.com, had a full-blown, on-line feud going on. The "Get Google Ads Free" controversy had generated over 230 posts and 15,000 views in a very short period of time. Eventually, the moderator at WarriorForum pulled the entire thread since it was generating "too much" rancorous discussions.

As shocking as it may seem, Google has NO problem with the course that reveals how anyone can get ads on their search engine for Free. After all, Google makes most of it's money from the sale of both AdWords (PPCs) ads and AdSense (where webmasters allow Google to show their ads on their pages).

One might think that any information that revealed how an advertiser could get their AdWords pay-per-clicks free would be damaging to Google, and therefore Google would not want anyone finding out about it, right?

WRONG! It seems that the secret system developed by the retired doctor contains an interesting "twist" that while allowing advertisers to eliminate their AdWords costs, it does not reduce a single dollar in AdWords revenue for Google.

In fact, just the opposite! Google actually endorses the "Get Google Ads Free" ebook.

In order to verify this claim, I contacted the company. Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr Todd Coutrin, responded:

"We started our launch like we always do with any product online, using Google AdWords to offer our Product.

"We used keywords that contained the word 'free' so we anticipated the usual HOLD these keywords usually cause when Google scrutinizes the ads."

"But when our campaign was paused by Google for a tad more time than what we regularly anticipate, we became concerned."

"I actually placed a call directly to Google at 1-866-2-GOOGLE and spoke at length with a customer services rep who said she'd check into what was happening.

"She returned my call 16 hours later and informed me that due to the specific nature of the Product in question (i.e., the ebook "Get Google Ads Free!") their team at Google secured the product, read it all the way trough, and then realizing it would NOT hurt their revenue but actually increase it, they immediately un-paused and resumed our ads"

So, the fact that Google allowed a product like this to be advertised on their network is pretty convincing evidence that it does what it claims.

But, to be thorough, I purchased a copy of "Get Google Ads Free" to see if it really can enable you to buy millions of dollars worth of Google ads for free. Due to copyright and non-disclosure rules, I can't reveal their proprietary information. But I can tell you that with the application of what's inside "Get Google Ads Free", that:

- Google loses NO money
- Google actually can make even more MONEY!
- Advertisers gain an instant almost unfair advantage over anyone not privy to what's inside "Get Google Ads Free!"
- Advertisers can now afford to outbid their competition.
- Advertisers are not at risk any longer as their advertising budgets no longer matter.

Overall, this is a very impressive product that is really revolutionary in the Internet Marketing world. Who can benefit from buying this product? Basically, anyone who runs an online business that buys ads and needs web traffic. So, if you sell your own product or are an affiliate program marketer, this product could revolutionize your business.
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