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Marketing Advice That You Just Can't Ignore

Mar 31, 2008
In order to ensure success, marketing your business is essential. It is all very well having the greatest service or best product, but that is no good if you don't let other people know about it and market it - and you probably won't be very successful. In considering your marketing, you first need to take into account who your clients are, and what your clients might be looking for you to do. To do this, you need to do the following:

1. Provide your clients with something they don't already have. Mention anything that might be of interest to your clients so they can run their business better. Perhaps you are an expert at Outlook and e-mail management. You can emphasise how much time you can save them daily when you manage this for them. Also, you can explain that when you organize their client contacts with Outlook, they can keep in better touch with them and feel more connected.

2. Know your clients well. This will need some research so you can be sure to have a clear understanding of what your clients' business is and what it is they do. Ask yourself some questions such as 'What does this business hope to achieve?' 'What can you do that will allow that client to perform better in business?' 'What are its needs and how can you meet those needs?' By knowing your client and finding answers to these questions, you can soon become an asset to their company.

3. One of the main conveniences you can offer is your time. Clients realise that their time is valuable and anything that will allow your potential clients more freedom with their time is a bonus. Use your marketing to show them this. If we look at the example of a virtual assisting business, after you have marketed to potential clients letting them know that you will answer their e-mail, do their correspondence typing, handle all their publicity needs and even keep their office running as they travel, they will realise that they have time spare to do work that desperately needs doing. Therefore when you are doing their marketing, they can see how they would have freedom to be out there selling.

4. You can make your business a valuable asset to your client, if you can find a way to solve their problems. For example, if they are having problems with their website and getting visitors to it, then you can send them a letter telling them how you can bring more visitors and also mention what other advantages you can offer. By doing this, you can become a very valuable asset. They have the problem, and you have the solution. They will be keen to talk to you immediately to get their site up and not to miss out on any more missed revenue due to their site being down.

These are all key points to remember in marketing in order to keep clients and obtain new ones. It is also important that once you get those clients, you need to be able to keep them. To do this, provide the best possible service, always.
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