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How To Pick The Right Equipment For Your Exhibition

Mar 31, 2008
Putting together an exhibition proves more difficult than actually running the event on the day. All exhibitions, whether it is a corporate or local town event needs plenty of time spent on it just for preparation. From ordering the right exhibition equipment through to budgeting, everything must be prepared well in advance in order to ensure nothing will go wrong. Of course, there is no way of preventing unpredictable situations but there is more scope for having a backup plan.

Choosing exhibition equipment is a lengthy process on its own, all posters and prototypes are designed in advance so you can see what the banners will look like on the day. Often it is a good idea to choose the themes that work with your company rather than going for something bright and bold with no relevance to your company. The main aim is to attract attention, so putting up stands with your own company logo on a well-lit display banner will prove more effective.

There is a huge variety exhibition equipment to select from, which will have a different impact depending upon the kind of exhibition you are holding. Selecting the right equipment is dependent on your budget, some companies can spend out on expensive custom designed equipment, which will create a big impact for your company, because you are personalizing, your display and making it work for your company. However, this could also be achieved at a fraction of the price using portable equipment.

The advantages of using portable equipment are that they will cut your budget down dramatically giving you more to put towards other things. Using portable displays will make it easier to transport from one location to another, as many of them are foldable and compact enough to store away in the boot of your car. Unlike customisable equipment, you are able to test out the product rather than wait until it has been designed.

Other advantages include your exhibition equipment being ready in just a few days than waiting weeks for customisable displays. They are also generally lightweight and easy to assemble, so there will be no need for hiring staff to put them up and no time wasted on preparing the stands. With custom-made stands, you are only able to use these for a limited period, whereas portable stands provide you with the flexibility of using the same equipment over and again.

When preparing it is always a good idea to have a plan of action for your event, what the goal of the exhibition is? How much are going to spend on the preparation? Do you have a sales target? Are targeting a certain number of people? Are you trying to gain more client contacts? Whatever the goal, there must always be a plan of action to achieve this. Getting the staff involved is a good way of implementing teamwork and a good opportunity to delegate responsibility.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on choosing the right exhibition equipment, having been involved in the preparation process for many exhibitions.
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