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How To Register Your Vending Machine Business With The Government

Mar 31, 2008
Here is a great question that should be answered. Have I registered a business name with the government? Registering a business name depends on where you are living, your community that you live in, what you're doing and where you're at.

Everyplace is different and the rules are different, according to their statutes and income tax. Here in Ontario, you can register a business name with Service Canada. You can actually do it on their website. Or you can go to a small business center in your community and find out how you can register a business name.

The cost isn't that much, but there are different ways that you can register a business. Here in Ontario you can register it like a sole proprietorship, or a partnership, or a corporation. If you are just starting out, register a sole proprietorship. That's all you have to do to get started unless you are going in with a friend or a buddy or something, and you want to do a partnership.

If you go to the Service Canada website, in the U.S. it might be a little different, I would just type into Google where you live "register a business name" and just put your community where you live and see what comes up. Do some research there because you will find out how you can do that.

There are some advantages to it. If you are just setting up a couple of machines, no big deal, but if you are going to run a business and you are going to actually make this thing a business that you are going to drive income and build it. Well you are going to have to do separate book keeping for your business, income tax, when it comes to income tax and paying your taxes.

You have to have a statement of business activities that your going to have to fill out, it is sort of separate from your personal income tax. That is what we do here in Ontario. There are advantages to it too, I mean, your running a company.

If you just go in and don't register a business name, well really you can register whatever you want, but it just depends, Remember what I said about perception and what people think? Well, if you have a business name that says, Joe's Snack Vending Service or you have a company name that says, Aaramark Vending, like say a bigger company Toronto Vending, or Cambridge Vending Services, something like that.

It is more of a stronger prominent name and people take you a little bit more seriously. You want to be able to look at that as an option when you actually register your business name.
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