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The New Executive Office Chair: A Revolution

Apr 1, 2008
Do you have a favorite chair at home-maybe not something that attractive to look at, but so comfortable you cannot wait to flop down and get comfortable? Maybe it is a great lounger or a cozy arm chair. You slave all day thinking about the moment when you can fall into that chair and relax. Just think! How great would it be if you could look forward to sitting in your office chair that much!

Maybe you can. When a desk chair is ergonomically designed to adjust to your body size you get a great fit and can sit comfortably for longer periods. Too many people are using chairs that are too large for them or with contoured back support that hits all the wrong places. Others suffer in chairs too small for them. There is no way you can work well when you are not comfortably seated.

With an executive office chair, you get handsome looks and unparalleled support for every body part. Bent wooden arms give it a distinctive look, but the most important feature of these arms is that they are adjustable. Everyone working at a desk needs to be sure their lower arms rest at the proper angle to minimize strain on wrists and shoulders. The seat and back angle, as well as height may be fitted, too.

Good lumbar support is a feature of this chair as well. How many times have you gotten out of your old desk chair groaning and trying to massage the murderous knot in between your shoulders or in your lower back? Part of it is probably caused by user error: sitting too long without a change in position, but your chair is also often a culprit.

Learning to sit with good posture will help you avoid strain on joints, muscles, and circulatory system. When you know where you need support, at what angle your wrists should be, how high your knees should be in relation to the seat, and other important elements of posture, you can get the ultimate benefit from an adjustable chair. Obtaining an ergonomic chair, maintaining good posture, and taking frequent breaks to stand and walk around a little will have you feeling much better when you leave work.
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