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Online Advertising Strategies for Publicity and Profit

Apr 1, 2008
If there's one constant in the business world, it's advertising, and regardless of how technology and communication change, advertising always adapts and grows into new and diverse markets. Decades ago, the best advertising you could buy was in newspapers and other large publications. While print media is still one of the best places to advertise your business or product, online advertising is quickly becoming the preferred method of getting the word out cheaply and affectively.

Relatively cheaply, of course. Depending on your budget and niche, you can put together a very affective advertising campaign on the Internet that could cost you twice as much and have the same reach in print media. Technology, web design, and blogging niches are perfect to advertise online, as you could probably guess, while other more traditional niches might be better advertised in more traditional media.

When looking to put together an online advertising campaign, take the time to do some quality research on what the best websites and niches would be to advertise your product. Advertising a new DVD player on a knitting website would lead to few sales, even if you bought the most visible banner on the site. Use search engines to find the most visited websites in your niche, and contact the webmaster for information on daily visits, ad pricing, and the possibilities of discounts for larger package orders.

Like any other project, you should keep track of how your online advertising performs on each website and don't be afraid to change an ad or do away with it entirely if it isn't brining you enough traffic or sales. You know what your conversion rate needs to be in order to justify the amount you are paying per click or per month on a certain site, and if an ad is under performing then it is time to go with another option.

Above all, though, continue testing your different online advertising campaigns and making adjustments and tweaks where necessary. Look at your advertising campaign as a long-term investment, and realize that, like any investment, you might not see returns for quite a while. While using online advertising to create branding for your project or product, a good deal of patience is in order. If something doesn't work, examine it from every angle before tweaking your advertising campaign in ways that might perform better.

Remember, building a successful online business or website is all about two things: patience and persistence. You need to be patient to test your advertising, and persistent in working hard to build fresh content, make a profit, and purchase the most effective online advertising available.
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