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There Are Ways To Make Big Bucks From Dead Domain Names

Apr 1, 2008
Each day website owners are allowing domain names they have purchased to expire completely by accident. Yet a well informed investor who is aggressive enough can snap up these domain names and capture a large amount of existing website traffic for what is a brand new site. Unfortunately, there are many website owners today who have lost out because of this whilst there are just as many perceptive investors who have been made richer because of it.

The only way a website can thrive is by having a constant stream of traffic going to it on a daily basis. So often when sites become available that do have a constant stream of traffic going to them will quickly be purchased by a savvy investor before being sold on for a profit.

Say for example you find a site that was selling bridal goods (gowns and tuxedos) and yet it wasn't doing as well as the website owner had expected so they have forgotten about it and their ownership has expired.

Once the domain name on this site has expired then a person will have the chance to actually purchase it for themselves. Normally those involved in investing domain names will use the services of a domain watchdog company who will immediately inform them of any names which become available that they may be interested in. Upon hearing about the site say the bridal gown one the investor has the choice whether to purchase it or not. Sometimes they can pick up domain names for as little at $6.95 using a domain watchdog service.

Within a matter of minutes you could find yourself being the owner of a site that has plenty of traffic being directed towards it. But what you will then need to do in order to generate cash flow for it is to build a new website page with a number of related ad links placed upon it. Doing this will help to better monetize any existing traffic that is being directed towards the site.

As time passes then you as the investor have the choice of either building up the site even further which will in turn help to generate more cash for you. Or you can simply choose to resell (flip) the side to another domain name investor, domain name broker or a person who is actually interested in owning the website for themselves.

Therefore if you have an old domain name which you are considering either retiring or flipping then the first place you should consider putting it up for sale is on eBay or a popular domain name auction service. Many people are actually pleasantly surprised at how much they have made by selling off a domain name using these particular services. On eBay alone there have been some very unusual domain names go up for sale and which have been sold for more than $500.

However, for the more serious minded domain name investors out there they utilise a number of free and paid domain name valuation tools and services online, which can help them to make a more informed decision. Although the actual valuation prices tend to vary vastly because it depends on whether they have been either automated or manually generated by someone, it is not unusual for a domain to sell for more than its owner would have originally thought.
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