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Truck Driving Safety Training

Apr 1, 2008
The trucking industry has been growing as of late because of the various services that have also been appearing around the world. However, if you are a truck driver who wants to get into the business, you need to undergo some safety training first before you can start working.

First and foremost, a truck driver should be of legal driving age, about 18 years of age and above will do, have an update driver's license, and passed a battery of various government exams. It is also crucial that the driver to be completely be free of drugs during his time of employment. Finally, the driver must be fluent of the language of employment; reading, writing and oral comprehension is mandatory.

Safety training is spent not only behind the wheel but also in classrooms. The classes will teach the truck drivers about safety requirements according to regulations set by the country and the state. There will be a written test that the driver will have to pass before he can receive his diploma.

Speaking of hands-on lessons, the practice classes teaches truck drivers basic truck inspection before driving, driving through all sorts of conditions, whether it be rain, sleet, snow, sunshine and whatnot, as well as testing their abilities in handling turns, backing up and parking. On the whole, big trucks needs getting used to, so further training is needed to compensate.

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding truck driving; that is, separate sets of approved routes, allowed driving hours and alloted road time for trucks. Nevertheless, in the United States, there are several key rules that are relevant as a whole to all states.

In the United States, the drivers are allowed to drive for up to eleven hours everyday, but they are required to take at least eight hours of break between each shift. It is suggested that the drivers stop once in a while to walk around and even lie down. As a part of safety measures, the drivers should wear comfortable clothing when driving.
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