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Link Popularity - Advertising On A Low Budget!

Apr 1, 2008
Learning various website trafficking tactics can get pretty complicated. One out of the many ways to create web traffic is called "linking" which I consider to be beneficial if you are advertising on a low budget!

Advertising on a low budget can also be time consuming when getting hit with several list owners that offer you a free report by entering your name and email into their auto responder form.

Some will offer you ad blasting software to hit thousands of emails on different safe list, some will change the wording of a special promotion that you just got hit with in your email from a JV Partner that you (may not been aware of) also opted-in to their web form for free info to learn internet marketing tactics.

In the worse case scenario you can get caught up in the web of buying the same content when these gurus share their list with your name. Yet, before you complete the form there is a disclaimer that say's "your name will NOT be shared, rented or sold. Your privacy is respected" - is it really respected? :(

At some point you have to wake up and realize you are not getting anywhere. You are experiencing the tread mill syndrome. Trying to learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk with 0 results.

There is so much information out there about SEO, Article Submission, Blogs, Email Promos, Web 2.0, Social Networks, Safe List, Membership Sites, Viral Marketing, PPC, etc.

Which one works best? Great question! My advice is to do your homework and devote your time reading legitimate resources to make an intelligent marketing decision that will eventually bring tremendous traffic to your website.

Your time is the most valuable commodity you own and it's best spent testing the different tactics that should work on a low budget than to get caught up in the web of buying the "how to" and "I can guarantee you broken promise programs" with the added fabulous bonuses that's designed to make you say YES!

The fact of the matter is - they all could work for you. Once you invest some sweat equity in studying.

One of the disadvantages in most of the marketing tactics are - they can't really describe the true character of the person behind the ad. And this is what I've also observed in many of the different ads - everyone is really trying to run a 100% auto-pilot business.

And that is NOT what I would want if I were NEW to Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or what-ever type of marketing. I would appreciate some one on one support via tele-conferencing, email etc.

What ever type of business you are working personal contact is very important. People don't want to spend their hard earned money and valuable time building their new business trying to figure it all out by themselves.

I'm not saying hold them by the hand and treat them like an infant either. What ever happened to "SUPPORT"? Help them get started by leading them in the right direction and checking on them at least once a week only to keep them aware of your genuine interest in them getting their "first check" in the first week (hopefully) and building a profitable business.

The only way you can become an authentic leader and teach others to become the same is to invest outrageous time in learning the different internet marketing tactics yourself, one at a time, the attractive ones of course that fits your advertising budget to build your own web traffic arsenal and share it with your new business partners.

Then and only then will you establish an extraordinary T.E.A.M.!!
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Hard Core Network Marketer - 12 years! Wife and myself own a successful Home Health Care Business in North Carolina. Very supportive in helping newbie's and others establish a great home business. Visit Our Home Page NOW! or Watch the Energy Reduction Video NOW!
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