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Most Efficient Ways To Launch A Product And Business

Apr 1, 2008
If you are nervous about the launch of your new product, then I don't blame you. Finding the best way to launch your baby can be a very difficult task, especially if you are just entering a competitive market. Fortunately there is a step-by-step product launch formula designed to take you by the hand and ensure the successful launch of your product and to beat your competition to the post. Having a good plan in hand can often mean the difference between complete success and total failure.

Here are a few easy to follow steps from the above mentioned product launch formula that should help get you started on the right track:

1. Buzz Marketing: This is a marketing ploy that you need to employ between the ideation of your product and final launch day. Buzz marketing as the name suggests means that you need to generate a buzz about your product before it goes live. Here you have to direct your marketing energies towards creating a general anticipation and scarcity for your product. This is similar in practice to what major movie studios do by throwing out teasers months in advance before a big picture is release.

2. Ensure Optimum Efficiency: It doesn't do your credibility any good when you create a lot of buzz for your product but don't deliver the goods on the actual day of launch. So in order to avoid such a situation make sure you have tested each and every element of your sales process in order to rule out any inadvertent embarrassments on launch day.

3. Finding the Right Partners: This is a very important part of the product launch process. If you are able to strike a deal with an experienced and reliable joint venture partner(s), you can use the efforts of others to increase the number of prospects who see your sales page and therefore grow the income you generate. So, even if you promise a percentage of profits you're your JV partner, you will ultimately make a lot more money than you would have made on your own.

4. Social Proof: Look for people who are ready to test your product for free and in return give their feedback or submit a testimonial for your site. Remember to respond to positive feedback from like-minded individuals because testimonials are an essential part of the sales process to gain the trust of your prospects.

5. D-Day: This is the day it all takes place. Check and double check that every piece of your product and sales process is in place. Communicate with your partners ahead of the launch to make sure they have everything they need to do their bit. Keep the whole day open just to monitor how things are running and be mentally prepared to take on and fix problems that may occur as time progresses.

A product launch can really be extremely fulfilling, both emotionally and financially, but if you don't have a reliable plan in place, you will almost always land short of your expectations. So, keep the above mentioned steps in mind and apply them to your business model and you can almost be guaranteed a successful launch each time you try!
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