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Choosing Good Meta Tags For Your Website

Apr 1, 2008
Every website that is successful has good meta tags. Wondering what Meta tags are? They are a set of tags that are placed in your websites HTML header. Meta tags are designed to provide the search engines with information about your website. It is critical that your website is listed with the search engines and your Meta tags are a key player in achieving this. If you do not have a good listing with the search engines, then you will not get the traffic you need to your site.

The Meta tag is the place where you tell the search engines what your site is about. There are various meta tags. The description meta tag is like first impressions for your website. When a surfer types in a search term in one of the search engines, a list of sites comes up, and the surfer, sees a description of the websites. Which site will you go to? You will most likely go to the one[s] that has a compelling description that draws you in, right? That description is the meta tag of your website. A good one means a lot of traffic, a poor ones means little traffic. You need to put some thought into this description.

Your description needs to be relevant to the site. In just a few words, it needs to convey what a visitor can get from using the website. The description needs to relate to the body and title of the site. Different pages can have different meta tags. They don't all have to share one description.

You want to keep your keywords in your description, at least the main ones, but you do not want your entire description to just be a repetition of those keywords. The description needs to be full sentences that convey a complete thought and that are free of grammatical and spelling errors.

You don't have many words to work with so you need to get the point. Typically, your description will be 15 to 25 words, or 2 to 3 short sentences. There might not be a maximum rule but there are only so many spaces in the search engine field before you run out. And there is nothing worse than your description being cut off in a search.

The most important Meta tag is the keyword Meta tag. This is the one the search engines really pay attention to. Here you'll put together a list of words that are key to your site. Put some effort into this. Keywords are what are going to bring your website up in a search and the better your website is fine-tuned, the better your visitors will be targeted. Make use of these valuable words and match them to your site.

Meta tags are an important element for the code for every website. Pay close attention to what you are doing and use them wisely. Choose good Meta tags for your website and you will be rewarded with targeted traffic and a good standing in the search engines.
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