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Floor Nursing Jobs with a Variety of Options

Apr 1, 2008
Nursing is not just a job where you just check the monitors and vital signs from time to time. The nursing field is filled with opportunities for the newcomers and the already trained nurses who wish to move forward in their careers. Once you pass out from nursing school, the difficult part is over with and the real excitement begins. You then are in a position to make a choice where and in what capacity you want to start your nursing career. The hospital floor is just one of the many options available out there for someone who wishes to be a floor nurse.

There is a wide range of options available in the area of floor nursing. Floor nurses have the choice of maternity, critical care, orthopedics, telemetry, surgical, geriatric, and pediatrics. Among these varied divisions are also oncology and burn units. A nurse can get plenty of work experience by choosing to work in one or many of these sections during their nursing terms. Floor nurses are in charge of a fixed number of patients on each floor that they work on. Patients feel comfortable by becoming familiar with the nurse who is looking after them and the nurses enjoy taking care and looking after these patients who during the period of hospitalization look up to them for most of their needs.

The nurses take a pledge at the beginning of their career to practice their profession faithfully and to maintain and improve the standard of nursing along with being committed to their work. Nurses play a very crucial role in the health delivery system. As a floor nurse you spend more time in direct contact with patients and looking after their needs than within other groups of health professionals. The increasing diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds of patients, colleagues, and staff may prove a challenge to you as you progress in your job as a nurse in any institution.

Floor nursing requires cautious and extensive care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, suffering or otherwise and in all settings. Floor nursing includes caring for the patient and nursing him back to health, prevention of sickness, and the care of sick, disabled and dying people. In addition to all this you also need to promote a safe and clean environment, take an active part in creating health policies for in-patient health care as well. Being a floor nurse can be taxing at times with long hours of tending to patient needs, co-coordinating with doctors and following up with the pharmacy, reassuring families and many other duties. You should have the team spirit to interact with colleagues and get work done smoothly.

Floor nurses basically help doctors with the otherwise time consuming tasks like taking down a patient's health history, conducting physical examinations and doing the basic ground work for the doctor to work on. Those who have a Drug Devise Furnishing certificate can also prescribe medication and suggest medical devices when working directly under trained supervision of doctors. You need to have knowledge of basic patient care and supervise hygiene and monitor vital signs and other skin care essentials. Your interpersonal skills should be very good to be able to interact with other staff, doctors, patients and their families. On the whole it can be a very satisfying and fulfilling job if you are dedicated to nursing people back to health.
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