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Use Internet Marketing To Avoid The Google Sandbox

Apr 1, 2008
Getting stuck in Google's sandbox may not mean a whole lot to people who have limited experience in dealing with the Internet, but it does have a great impact on a web site's rate of success. Most newly created sites that do not experience immediate success will be placed in Google's sandbox and must grow big enough in order to be finally recognized. As an effective web site owner, you need to fully understand what this phrase means and how it will affect your online business.

When a web site is first created, it will be carefully examined and inspected by Google and all of its page ranking software. Initially, it will be quite difficult for Google to figure out what your site has to offer to the online community and also the type of quality information that you are providing. Usually Google looks to other major web sites to help it determine the quality of your web site, which is taken into consideration by looking at the number of links that lead to your site.

If there are a lot of links that lead to your web site, especially if they are derived from major web sites that Google labels as authoritative, then you will have a great probability of receiving a higher Internet ranking. Therefore, as a newly created web site, you probably have not yet established a widespread popularity and still need to get other sites to create links that lead back to your own page. Google takes these kinds of web sites and places them in its sandbox, which is pretty much a probationary period which allows the new web sites to make a name for themselves and to increase its popularity throughout the online world.

There are a number of ways for you to find out if your web site has been placed in Google's sandbox. The most effective thing that you can do is to look up your site's keywords on several different search engines such as Yahoo, AOL, and Google. If you discover that your site is highly ranked by every search engine except for Google, than it is very likely that you have been placed in the sandbox.

The next question is how you might be able to avoid the Google sandbox with Internet marketing. The answer to this important question is a definite yes, and the solution to overcoming this dilemma is pretty easy to understand. Before your site is placed into the Google sandbox, the web site is given a brief period of time to show Google what it has to offer and also to quickly establish some external links.

If your web site is able to establish some quick links on other sites and can create a strong reputation for itself within this short period of time, then you will be able to avoid the Google sandbox all together. It will take quite a bit of effort, but the payback will be greatly beneficial.
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