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Nursing Assistant- An Integral Part of the System

Apr 1, 2008
The nursing assistant in almost all medical institutions or private organizations in all corners of the world is probably the most under valued staff member. These are the people who take care of our loved ones around the clock when they are hospitalized. Many of the nurses even take on the responsibilities of the Medical supervisors or the doctors in charge, and this makes them a very important part of the medical system.

What does the job description of a nursing assistant comprise? What are the duties and responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant? There could be numerous answers with many variations to this question, but a general description could include the following points:

Answers signal bells, mans the intercom or calls to establish patient needs or requirements

Bathes, dresses and undresses patients

Serves and may even prepare patient meals. May also need to serve these meals to the patients

Assists medical supervisors or doctors during surgery, medical examinations or tests

Assists in moving bedridden patients to prevent bedsores and helping in daily activities

Takes and records blood pressure, temperature, respiration rates, etc

Cleans and sterilizes equipment, takes care of the store, issues medical supplies, etc

Nurses may also be assigned to special fields such as neurology, pediatrics, etc

All these and many, many more make the Nursing Assistants job a very important part of the medical system. They are the backbone of the system. A medical organization without nursing assistants would have many loop-holes and the functioning of the entire system would cease as we know it.

The nursing assistant is someone who is always caring and compassionate. These care providers have to take split second decisions which could cost lives, they have to work round the clock and be at the beck and call of angry, uncomfortable patients. They need to have a positive outlook and a never say die attitude to get them through long days which might include phases of grief and sorrow. They have to be brave individuals and despite all this- why would one still want to pursue such a profession?

The reason behind this is the honor and the respect of living a life which is filled with thousands of instances of taking care of strangers and filling countless lives with joy and longevity by the innumerous selfless deeds in their sacrificial lives. Another plus point is the pay package. Nowadays with the increased demand of highly skilled professionals in the medical field, a nursing assistant can earn USD 45,000$ annually.

Nurses are not only available to patients in the hospital, but also to support to their families, friends and loved ones. A nursing assistant may have a horrible day crammed with distress and discomfort, but will always be besides the patient with a smile on his or her face encouraging the patient, being a part of the pain and helping them with all their needs. No other profession is as noble as this. They are our Guardian Angels.
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