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Enter the International Job Market as a Travel Nurse

Apr 1, 2008
You may have always wanted to travel around the world, but your nursing job kept you tied to the hospital. Don't worry, you can get out of those shackles and yet do the same work you have always been doing- serving humanity and helping people to come out of their poor physical state. At the same you can also travel around the world. Surprised that you can be a nurse while trotting around the globe? Don't be, because that is exactly what a travel nurse does. Yes, a travel nurse moves from one destination to the other, according to the assignments, traveling and working at the same time. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Being a travel nurse provides you with both, professional and personal growth. There is acute shortage of registered nurses in USA. Health care facilities all over the nation are scrambling to fill up vacancies. Many organizations or hospitals looking for nurses are turning to travel nurse companies for help. This has made travel nurses hot property!

Being a travel nurse, you not only get a chance to move around the world, but you also get a chance to expand your knowledge base and skills. A travel nurse works in different environs and is exposed to various methods and procedures of work. This adds to her resume as a travel nurse. So, you can be a jack of all trades in a small rural hospital in one assignment and in the other, you can be specializing in your area of interest in a large urban teaching center.

The best part of being a travel nurse is that the choice is yours to make. It is you who decides where you prefer working- in a village or a metropolitan city, in your state or overseas, in a hospital or with an organization. So, now you can get rid of all the hospital politics and take charge of your career. Choose your preferred setting and liberate yourself from a mundane life.

You would be delighted to know that salary scales for travel nurses are better than staff nurses. Additionally, you also have the benefit to earn bonuses for various categories like referring other travel nurses or completing your assignments in time. Travel nurses usually are able to earn more money in the form of various incentives and bonuses that are offered to them from time to time. Some benefits offered by companies to travel nurses include dental and medical insurance, travel allowance or reimbursement, free housing, low cost or free continuing courses of education, reimbursement of license, and the likes.

Recruiters are willing to adjust to and provide facilities to travel nurses to a great extent. If you have children, you can also take them along with you during your assignment. The recruiters thus fund an accommodation that is suits your children as well. This can turn out to be a learning experience for your children as well as they too get to broaden their horizons. If you do not wish to move your children you can also opt to work in the bordering state or next country as a travel nurse. Once their term is over they can join you or you can soar to newer heights along with them.

Travel nursing is a promising career that helps you to grow and at the same time tests your mettle. The rewards are many compared to the hard work you put in. So, pack your bags and get set to go.
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