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Marketing Your Home Business From A Variety Of Methods

Apr 1, 2008
Marketing plays a major part of your home business' success or failure. No matter how great your product or service is, customers need to know about it. They need to know both what your business is about and how they can benefit from your services.

This does not mean that you need a major marketing investment to succeed. Many business owners find their best success comes from a variety of marketing methods used in combination with one another.

Advertising can be a tricky area in and of itself. You may find marketing companies that request large sums of money for a campaign with no guarantee of receiving your investment back.

This is where self-promotion can be the home based business owner's best friend. This goes far beyond mere networking with those in your community. When you promote your business, you should aim to get the greatest audience for your advertising budget. You should never fear that supply will exceed what is possible in the beginning. It often takes business owners a long time to develop a trusted name, even just in their community.

The first step in your marketing campaign should be a good logo for your company. It doesn't have to be intricate or complex, just a memorable icon that customers can associate with your business. If you need ideas, look at the representation of your competitors. What colors do they use? Do they use a similar theme or element? Can you think of a better way to display your business?

When you've decided on your name and logo, your next venture should be to obtain business cards and some stationery. You need company stationery only for formal correspondence, so you don't need 500 or 1,000 sheets when you are starting out. However, you should use business cards as much as possible. Post them on community bulletin boards and give them out. Attaching your company's name and logo to these accoutrement's can offer much in the area of marketing.

Consider placing ads in your local newspapers and telephone books. Again, use those of your competitors as an example. What are the most successful companies near you doing? What is their approach to marketing? How can you not only improve, but excel above this current practice?

You can find a host of "free classified" listings all across the web for your promotional needs. You need a clear, punchy heading that is presented professionally and a catchy few lines about your company. Include your contact information. The best method of leaving contact information is to provide your website address. Do not use your telephone number or e-mail address, as problems can stem from using both in a public forum.

Online advertising can also be a wonderful alternative to standard advertising. These ads are often far less expensive than print ads and can reach a wider audience. Online advertising is somewhat different and requires a slightly different presentation. The use of flashing or blinking graphics for your ads is not recommended. A good, quality text ad with an interesting title and description, along with a good website can do more for your potential client base than anything noisy or banners that will require extra time to download.

Another method of marketing that produces positive results is to help sponsor a charity event. This can provide you with invaluable reputation and create a good impression for potential clients. It also provides a worthy cause, much needed funds, and help in bringing awareness for their missions.

Free products or services are the ultimate tool for marketing your home business. The public, as a whole, finds any free items irresistible. When you provide something free, with no obligation and no "strings," you will receive an incredibly positive response. This is one realm where the home business will greatly benefit from utilizing similar campaigns to physical stores near you. The only consideration to keep in mind is that you ensure your free product or service does not force your company into a financial difficulty.

The home business requires a little extra marketing to establish itself. The absence of the financial demands for a physical store or shop gives you optimum flexibility for your promotional budget and offering your client base a more affordable and enjoyable service.
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