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How The Internet Is Helping Independent Film Developers

Apr 1, 2008
An independent film is the new way to break the barrier between hopeful film actors, producers, and directors and Hollywood. But it wasn't always so easy before the 1990's, the independent film community barely existed! So what is making the independent film industry increasingly mainstream with box office films?

Technology and Independent Films

Throughout the 1990's, there were many advances in technology. Cameras, recorders, software editing programs, and the Internet communities that exist today were just starting to emerge. But technology wasn't the only cause of the independent film movement- the increase in popularity of the Internet is largely to blame.

The biggest hurdle that independent film makers need to clear is getting their film to the masses. Only then can critique and improvements be made. And if enough production value and work was put into the film, it isn't uncommon for independent film developers to make the jump into Hollywood overnight.

The Internet is one media outlet in which independent film creators should take advantage of. The Internet has created many pop culture phenomenon; most notably the existence of the viral video. Often viral videos are short movies that nearly the entire user base of the Internet has either seen or at least heard of.

Creating a successfully viral video no longer takes the skill it once did. Now services such as YouTube and even independent film-oriented websites such as HungryFlix have opened their doors to movie makers. All it takes with these services is a good product the rest is history thanks to the level of social bookmarking and marketing that exists on the Internet today.

Short Film Festivals Both Online and Offline

Getting heard doesn't only mean trying to win approval over the Internet. In many cases, it just means submitting to a short film festival to try and get recognition among others. But short film festivals aren't as frequent or nearby every single movie developer- in which case the Internet lends a helping hand once again.

The repercussions of the independent movie buzz stemming from the 1990's include what is called Indiewoood a version of Hollywood that specifically caters to independent film creators. Websites that support the common independent film developer commonly hold online festivals or contests, for aspiring film developers to gain the support of their peers.

All it takes is a little recognition to be noticed by Hollywood movie-making companies. Winners of short film festivals frequently get offers from Hollywood film studios. In fact, it isn't uncommon to see a few movies come out each year that were once based on a previously independent film that just had good luck in film festivals. In that case, it is important for film developers to market their video to every short film festival possible both offline and online.

Final Thoughts on Independent Films and Technology

Thanks to lower prices in technology, editing software, and the natural creativity of the post 1990's generations, making it big in independent film development isn't nearly as hard as it seems. Of course, it takes hard work and determination, but these two characteristics payoff in the end with good marketing.

If independent film creators could take advantage of any one piece of technology to aid in their film's reception, it would be the Internet. Keep in mind that the Internet has propelled many independent film developers to the big show and with a polished finished product, your production team can too.
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