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Setting Up Your Home Business On The Right Foot

Apr 1, 2008
With so many business failures, why do others succeed with the same resources? There is a right way to go about starting a business, and a wrong way. Knowing what marks success and what marks failure will enable you to take some of these golden nuggets of information, and apply it for your home business success.

Business takes time to succeed; there is no doubt about that. For the many get rich quick types, the get rich part is a fantasy, and all that it would ever be. The reason is simply, and by time you finish this article, you will understand why.

In this article, you will learn about:
* 2 types of business builders
* A look at procrastination
* The numbers

* 2 types of business builders
Don't build your house on the sand, build it on solid rock. A brick is made from sand; a brick is stable so what does this mean? You need to have a dream, a vision you want for your home business. This article is not about the practical aspects of running your business; it is about what the successful business person does when no one is watching!

You must have a vision for your business. There are 2 types of business builder. The first is the one who daydreams. You can see lots of this kind of person everywhere. I remember working in IT just before starting up my own business, and the manager there was a man who left, ran his own business, then after it failed was back to square one.

This is what happens when we do not create the right kind of vision for our business. Getting rich is not the predominate view of people who become successful in there own home businesses. For second type of business builder is that of a person with a vision. Service is a privilege and an honor, not a right.

When we create a vision that allows people who we touch through our businesses to live a bit easier, to get what they really want, to satisfy there needs, we become successful automatically. There is no need to chase riches, because through great service, you will succeed.

* A look at procrastination
Many people never get there home business of the ground because of procrastination. In fact procrastination does not exist! The act of procrastination is simply the act of deciding not to act! So get up and go, now. Don't even read the rest of the article, get up and start now. For many people they don't do this. Instead they will watch to the end of the film. Just another hour, the film is getting to the best bits, they will say. Someone else lives the vision, while they are the ones really paying.

* The numbers
The numbers is essential. You can't eat a burger before buying it, and you can't go on holiday before you decide on a destination and book the tickets. Starting a home business is just the same process.

Vision comes first, then the goals, then the plan. Action must be born today, for you to have tomorrow what others won't. A business unless it needs major financing does not need a big business plan. Imagine getting your head around your home business by writing a page or two plan, and taking action. You will achieve much more, and learn more than the person who insists on planning to plan, because planning to plan is to plan to fail. Most successful businesses take action, and gradually build up a business plan over time.
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