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3 Activities That Will Help Make You an Internet Entrepreneur?

Apr 1, 2008
You can become an Internet entrepreneur with an opportunity that will earn you enough to work at home forever. Some of the options to do this include being an affiliate for products within a niche industry. The products may be downloadable, like an ebook, and then no inventory is needed.

Another very profitable option is to join a Network Marketing company. Here you are looking for these three ingredients: 1) A simple automated system, with a great tracking system. This should not involve any calling or selling on the phones. 2) A great service or product. This should not involve an inventory. 3) A fantastic compensation plan with a large commission that includes a residual income stream.

Whatever it is that you choose to do online for your business, there are three core tasks you will be doing: Advertising/marketing, writing ad copy, and tracking your results.

1) Advertising / Marketing
It is important to understand that this is what you will be doing primarily in your online business. You will put out advertising online. You may choose to do it to get yourself known, or to get exposure for your business opportunity, or to have people learn about the products you are affiliated with. If you don't want to advertise, you probably shouldn't consider an online business.

I don't care how much experience you have in advertising, you will learn something new almost daily. It's rather easy and methodical if you are open to learning the ABC's of it. Your goal is to get eyeballs to what it is you are doing. To drive targeted traffic from the Internet marketing, or offline marketing that you place, in the hope that enough people will buy what you are offering.

2) Ad Copy
You will want to get better and better at writing a text ad. You may be using banners at times, but when you don't, you will need to write some ads. A good ad on a website or with a search engine like Yahoo, will increase your profits. There are a lot of online business owners who have little regard for the quality of their sales ad. Get good at catching people's curiosity, and you will be better than most owners.

Test the ads you place by spending less at first. You should be allowed to tweak the ad after it is online. If it is bringing you web traffic, then you can increase your budget and go to better sites with your ad.

3) Tracking your Marketing Campaigns
You have written a text ad. You have tested it out. And you have decided where to place the ad and how much you will spend. What is left to do? Aren't you curious about the results of your efforts? Tracking allows you to see how many people are coming to you from the site that you placed your ad on.

A good tracking system will tell you how many hits, or visits you've had, and how many sales. If you can't track your advertising to learn what is and what is not working, then you are setting yourself up to fail.

When you get down to the bottom line, making money online requires you to learn more about marketing and copywriting. Be willing to seek more knowledge and get better and better at it. This is a skill set that will serve you very well over time.
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