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Web Site Traffic Conversion Secrets Revealed...

Apr 1, 2008
A large percentage of questions from people starting out as internet marketers come from the need to know how to get more visitors. They want more traffic, more people on there sites, and notably more people buying what they have to sell. But, sometimes people get it wrong with the view towards traffic; they seem to think of it as a total solution.

They believe if they get more traffic their on their way to Internet millions overnight. It doesn't really work that way at all. You see people need to focus on what they want the traffic for, because there's different types of traffic. Among others there's targeted traffic and general traffic to mention a couple.

Let's break down some of the things people should consider before buying millions of visitors for $20 a million. Of course $20 is just an example, if I saw that kind of a deal I would be a little skeptical. Anyway there are some things that you can do to create organic traffic that I'll be getting into a little later.

Another thing about getting traffic is you want to have visitors returning to your site. Getting people to your site even once is a job in itself. But to keep them coming back is the key. The more people come back to your site the more familiar they are with it the more likely they are to buy.

Now a lot of that has to do with trust. People need to trust you before they buy. They'll say to themselves I'm going to buy from this guy because I trust his recommendations. You need a way to get people to keep coming back to your site. Have things on your site that peak interest, such as tips, special offers free gifts etc.

The difference between new visitors compared to repeat traffic is cost, because repeat visitors are free and don't cost the time, money and energy to get new traffic. Getting repeat visitors is again the result of building up that confidence and trust with people that makes them more likely to buy products from you.

You may get visitors out of every 100 people that come to your site and convert 1- 2 or 3%. On the other hand with repeat traffic you can turn that into 10 - 20 or 30% because people have had exposure to you. They know you and what you can do for them.

There are many ways to generate and handle traffic, some good and some not so good. Things like viral reports, free eBooks, and software are good incentives for creating interest. Giving people something first before you try to sell them is important because you're basically looking to start a relationship rather than trying to get the sale. Sure, most people are just after the money and they are missing the point. If your strategy is to go after the money you're only going to appeal to a very small percent of the people that ever come to your web site.

If you can get people coming back to your site by building relationships and get some trust going you have a much better chance of selling to them in the future. Don't be concerned about the initial sale because every time someone comes back to your site you are increasing the chance to sell them something.

Another point related to getting and keeping traffic is to set-up your web site so it works properly before spending a lot of money on sending people over to it. Make sure to have everything in place because if your visitors look around the site and they can't find things easily they won't return. You don't want visitors saying "I don't know what this site is all about, what is he telling me, what is the message, how is he going to help me?"

Don't risk turning visitors off from returning to your site by not having a working infrastructure in place that's easy to use. It comes down to usability, because even if you get tons of visitors, if your site doesn't convert them to sales or opt-ins all the traffic in the world isn't going to do you any good.

How do I get lots of traffic to my site is not the most important question you need to ask. What you really need to know is how to put a good opt-in system in place. Does your headline work, is it listing benefits, do you have a good call to action? Are your sales pages converting well? Do you have an effective follow up system in-place? These are the types of questions you need to get answered before driving lots of traffic to your site.

Sending traffic to a sales page that doesn't sell well is like throwing money away. If you're spending money to promote your site and bringing in affiliates and JV partners they aren't going to be with you long if the site doesn't convert well. That's why it's more important to focus in on setting up an effective site first before looking to drive traffic to it.

Now, once you have your system set up properly that's when people will become interested in promoting and buying your products. Affiliates and JV partners will come asking to promote your products. Because they'll see that it's going to make them some money. And that's how to get traffic coming to you instead of you running after it.

If you have a bad looking inefficient site, such as poor graphics, bad sales copy and it's uninteresting or undesirable, people won't want to promote it. A large percentage of traffic can come from JV partners and affiliates. If you're website doesn't convert because of bad sales copy, graphics or difficult navigation people will not want to promote it.

Again you must realize that there's a lot to do before simply sending traffic to a web site. You need to emphasize the importance of providing value to visitors in order to keep them as customers, affiliates or partners.

You've got to understand what your visitors want and provide it. In order to do this you must do some research to understand what customers want and how to attract them. You're not going to do this merely by going for generic traffic you need targeted and qualified traffic. It makes a huge difference in conversion rates.

It's easy to determine generic from targeted traffic by examining affiliate statistics, when you see thousands of hits to affiliate links and low or no conversions. You can tell these guys haven't done their home work and are sending generic junk traffic to their links. However, on the other hand people using targeted traffic have much higher conversion rates and are obviously using qualified traffic.

Good affiliate marketers qualify traffic before sending it to their links. They know there's a penalty, in expenses and wasted effort to pay using unqualified traffic. And if these unqualified visitors aren't interested in where your sending them they're not going to want to go where you send them the next time.

When people are sent to sites not relevant to they're interests they're gone in an instant, because it's not what they want or looking for. Having 50 people that are interested in what's on your site is better than having 5000 that aren't. The conversion rate will be at least 100 times greater, resulting in more efficiency and better return on investment.

If you concentrate on the type of visitor you want visiting your sales page, and if your sales page converts well, then investing in driving the right traffic to your site will produce profits. It works every time, because you're advertising to the right people.

Offering something that people want and having a sales page that converts attracts customers, Affiliates and JV partners. On the other hand, if you try writing killer sales copy for a bad product people will see right through all the hype and sense you're overselling. You have to have something that people want for it to sell. So do your homework and conduct market research before you even think about selling a product.

A lot of people promote stuff that they think people want or what they think people will buy. And still others promote things that people need, but don't want. They haven't learned that what people need and what people buy are two different things, as we all know.

Survey your customers and opt-in list, ask them what it is they most need help with. Since your not going to try and sell something nobody wants to buy you'll need to find out what your customers and opt-in subscribers want, then provide it to them.


Figuring all this out is like trying to determine what came first the chicken or the egg. If the chicken is the traffic and the egg is the visitor then you need to find the right chicken to produce the desired egg. And once you choose the right traffic you need to take care of it in order to hatch the visitor into a customer (chick) then repeat the process to produce more sales (chicks).

Traffic is important, but not as important as the process of choosing it. Then once the right traffic is determined you must make sure that your site provides enough value to convert it into repeat visitors. If this is done correctly your visitors will convert them selves into customers.
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