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The Buzz on Free Internet Classified Ads Explained

Apr 1, 2008
The classified ads page in every newspaper serves as two things. First, it helps businesses reach consumers who may want to buy services or products from them. Second, it allows consumers to find the best deals around the surrounding community.

But free classified ads were rather unheard of before the buzz that was created with the invention of the Internet. Now businesses can reach their targeted audiences just like before- only with a global reach and without the cost.

How Free Classified Ads Work

But newspapers had good reason to charge for ads- it kept them in business! So how, then, do legitimate free classified ads website stay in business?

The answer is simple: they may not make money from classified ad listings, but they still have advertisements from other sources. This helps them finance fees associated with creating a free classified ads resource, while still being able to offer the same functionality and value that newspapers provide.

Often times, the ads are contextual- meaning that they are targeted to what you are trying to find. In that case, you are not only getting another source of possible options as a consumer, but supporting one of the best things to hit the classified ads market in years.

How Businesses Extend Their Reach With Classifieds

Free classified ads let businesses advertise without losing any capital- meaning there is literally nothing to lose. But on the contrary, businesses have more of a reason to opt for free classified ads over conventional paid methods: a global reach.

Because the Internet is accessible by all areas of the world, the customer base is exponentially increased. This is in comparison to newspapers that only go out to a specific area. Given, this only works for services and products that can be shipped nationwide or worldwide. You certainly wouldn't want to advertise a local sale on peanuts to consumers halfway across the world!

How Consumers Benefits From Free Classifieds

Not all the benefit is given to businesses in the scenario. Consumers, too, get a large benefit from viewing free classified ads over the Internet as opposed to physical and local sources.

First, the cost of newspapers means that consumers are actually paying to see classifieds, in most cases. This doesn't always amount to much, but it is indeed enough to deter a consumer from paying unnecessary money for something that can be had for free.

Next, consumers get classified ads based on their local region, and regions that exist outside of it. If one is looking for a car, for example, it isn't uncommon to travel outside one's county or region in order to get a good deal. Newspapers and local resources don't always list classifies from other regions, so consumers could be missing out on good deals.

Final Thoughts of Free Classified Ads

Free classified ads are still going strong, thanks to the benefit given to both consumers and businesses. They serve as a media outlet for businesses, while catering to the needs of consumers. Best of all, they are completely free- meaning no printing or newspaper fees are necessary for either group.

Free classified ads aren't always regulated, so be sure to find a legitimate source for your free classified listings. After all, the Internet isn't always a safe place- but there are indeed resources that help keep consumers safe from shady business advertisements. In any event, use common sense and enjoy the cost-free methods of getting connected to your community!
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