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Broadcast Faxing - Tips on Reducing Fax Transmission Time

Apr 1, 2008
If your a large company that uses broadcast faxing services or faxes from a dedicated line, you know how per minute charges can rack up a bill. Whether your sending a price catalog or promotion you need to ensure that time is saved during the fax transmission time. Transmission times may be billed by the minute, the second, or 30 seconds and each second or minute counts when sending out 1,000 or more faxes a month.

When faxing documents it must be remembered that each dark space on the page will slow down transmission time extending minute usage. Everything typed and printed o your page is going to be taking more minute juice and more minute juice equals more wallet juice. (It is not advised you drink either of these juices by the way.)

Try some of these tips to help reduce your fax broadcasting time and you may find you save your company a sizable amount of funds that can be better utilized within the company.


When sending out a broadcast fax you need to seriously take a look at your fonts. First question to ask yourself is are your fonts legible? Keeping your font to a basic Time Roman font can help reduce black space on your paper as well as keep it legible for your readers. Finding a font size that suits your message is equally important. Keeping your font size to a maximum of 14 and no lower than a 12 will keep the message size down to reduce per page transmissions as well as reduce the receiving party's fax paper waste to a minimum.


Graphics are not preferred for faxing but at times it may be necessary. An instance of graphic usage might be your company logo to reinforce branding in your communications. If you must use graphics try seeing about resizing the logo if it is too large. It is best to keep it small and to the upper right hand corner of your message. You will not decrease fax transmission time if you add additional graphics such as products or additional corporate images.

If you want to have clients view additional images there is another way around this. At the bottom of your fax inform them that the products can be viewed online at your site and give them the URL where a more picturesque catalog exists.

Word Count

In some cases the word count may be impossible to reduce, especially with a large price list. If it can be reduced however, you should work on reducing the message size. Find different ways to word your message so you don't end up taking too much white space. Keep your message to the point and as brief as possible. Your reader will appreciate the ease of reading your message without taking too much time out of their day as well.


Make sure your paper is clean and free of any markings. Anything darker than the white on the paper will be picked up by the fax machines and have to be registered into the transmission. Not only will your fax look ugly, you will have added more minute usage to your faxing and that is what we are trying to avoid.

By following these tips you should be able to reduce your transmission times significantly if you weren't using these tactics already. Remember, anything other than white is going to be considered part of your transmission so keep it clean and legible and start saving money.
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