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Email Promotions And Internet Marketing

Apr 1, 2008
With so many new people trying to start businesses online it could be very confusing when faced with several different promotional techniques to choose from, with so many different types of promotions it is difficult to know what works and what don't, it is said that one of the most powerful forms of internet marketing is email promotions. So the question you are probably asking yourself is what is email promotions and what does it have to do with internet marketing?

The simplest way to put it is e-mail promotions or (e-mail marketing) is simply harnessing the power of the email system to make money, this is done by sending information to individuals about your goods or service in the hopes of getting them to buy. The not so simple version is that there are certain rules you must follow and you must have certain tools to be successful.

The most important rule - you can't just sent information to some one who did not ask for it, you can get spam complaints which can cause you to loose your business or even be sued for spamming, how do you avoid this? Well first you need to set up a squeeze or sales page where an individual can fill in there name and e-mail address requesting you send information to them, this is also called opting in, this way if you send them information and they forgot that they requested it and try launching a spam complaint you would have the proof that they did in fact request the information. A good way to get people to opt in is you can probably offer a free gift on your sales page to encourage people to leave there information.

After getting the information you can now send the people on your list (this is all the people who opt in) messages about your product are service that you are selling, the key here is to build a relationship with them so that they will trust you enough to buy from you, doing this is very important because it is a known fact that people don't trust internet marketers. One of the main problems with email promotions is the collecting and storing of the opt in data and the constant sending of emails every day. In order to handle this it is recommended that you get an auto responder service provider.

An Auto responder service provider stores on their server all the opt in information so if you are accused of spamming they will have it, they also deal with sending out all those emails which in time can grow to hundreds or even thousands, you don't want to have to deal with storing and sending these emails yourself and having to deal with re-sending bounced messages and trying to remember which message was sent to whom and which was not. This is all handled by the auto responder service provider, So all you need to launch your email promotion is a sales page, an auto responder service provider and a little hard work and determination and your on your way. If you would like to know more about email marketing check out the link below to get a free copy of "Dotcomology" the art of making money on the internet with your home business.
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