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Important House Security System Devices

Apr 1, 2008
If you are considering installing a security system to protect your home then you should be very careful when deciding which components to use. You ideally want the best protection that your budget will allow. After all your home security system will be responsible for protecting your home and family. Home security systems can be very expensive and very complicated, but you can also buy simple systems. Depending on your budget you can decide which type of system will suit you the best. Now we'll take a look at several different components of all alarm systems.

Vibration Detector And Door Jam Magnet

Vibration detectors are very cheap and very effective sensors. These can be used on your windows, you should also consider adding a door jam magnet so that the door is protected. Both of these essential items are very easy to fit, and should not be forgotten. You will probably want to use motion sensors of some form in the house itself, it is important to buy ones that you can adjust if you have pets. These will detect anyone walking into the protected rooms while the alarm is still armed.

You could also buy infrared detectors, these can be used to monitor the temperature in the rooms. If there is a significant change in temperature the alarm is triggered.

You can also add in systems that will dial a phone number should your house be broken into. These normally call up a central office when the alarm is triggered. If it is considered necessary then the police will be summoned to your property. If you're not just interested in deterring thieves then you should also consider using CCTV cameras. Closed circuit TV cameras can be used to prosecute anyone that does break into your home. I would suggest you go for wireless color cameras which can be recorded using your regular VCR.

Whatever security equipment you decide to install, make sure it is installed properly. You should make sure that all entry points are monitored, which will make entry very difficult. Decide how to cover these entry points, in particular decide which type of sensor would be best suited. You could even choose to install a silent alarm if it's what you wanted. Silent alarms are more of a way to catch an intruder rather than scaring them away, but it all depends on the purpose you are installing the alarm.
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