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Take Your Time When Researching Internet Business Opportunities

Apr 1, 2008
Opening an email about an amazing business opportunity, you frequently see an on-screen countdown clock explaining how this amazing offer is going to expire in one hour, or ten minutes depending on the offer. Unless you take advantage right now you will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and forever be working for someone else in your low paying menial job. Or, words to that affect.

You may be cursing your luck because your bank account is about five bucks short of what the offer requires and your credit card is maxed out due to the other offers you have signed for and payments from them have not started to roll in yet. Before getting too far along in planning to commit hari-kari, write down the website address and when you have enough money in your account go back to the page. Chances are good you will still have an hour or at least 10 minutes to give someone your money.

Deadlines are a common ploy among many of the not-quite illegal offers being made on the internet and the deadline is designed to spur potential victims, or rather customers, to action. Most times if people have more time to consider an offer they realize it is not for them and will ignore it. When there is a time limit attached to accepting the offer, there is a better chance of them sending in the money immediately. This way the person receiving the cash may have enough to make their car payment - or at least enough to send away for information on their next big money-making prospect.

Another famous ploy is to limit the number of participants in a program. By making people feel special about being invited to participate in a limited offer, there is a better chance they will quickly join so as not to be left out of this great offer. So-an-so thinks enough of you to invite you personally and hold one of only 30 positions, but only if you act quickly will get into the program.

Have you figured out yet where you know this person from? Have you figured out yet why you were lucky enough to be included in their inner-circle of special friends to receive the offer? Maybe your name got mixed in by accident but if that is the case, it would be their loss if someone who was not a real close friend was able to slip into the plan and start making money, right? Right.

Door-to-door sales people are required by law to inform customers that they have a three day cooling-off period after buying something from someone who came to their door. Unfortunately, in most instances this does not extend to internet sales and once you send in your money, you may learn the money back guarantee only works if you can ever find them again.

It pays to give yourself time to cool off before buying and conduct research on the company that wants your money. If they are a legitimate organization and have a legitimate offer, it will remain open long enough for you to properly look into it any make an informed decision.
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