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Genuine Business Opportunities For Stay At Home Moms

Aug 17, 2007
There are many business opportunities for work at home moms that fit well with their busy and often irregular schedules. These business opportunities should be carefully thought through and studied before taken them on.

One caution that is very important for these group of moms to realize is that,seldom do business opportunities and child care go hand in hand. Small children need all a caregiver's attention to be safe and secure, while that business opportunity might well be demanding the same - especially if customers are involved. Moms embarking on business opportunities should assume that child care is still going to be a necessary expense while they grow their business.

The one exception might be a child care center in the home. Mothers succeed at this, enjoy their business and still have time for their children. There are stringent regulations for at home child care centers, though these vary by state. Let's look at a few of the regulations for these business opportunities for stay at home moms.

The state of Texas has actually made this business opportunity impossible for moms working at home, stating that licensing is only given for child care centers outside of the owner's home.

In the state of California and others, anyone who want to start a home child care business opportunity must attend a state-run orientation. They must be licensed with a few exceptions. Anyone who is watching only her or his own children and the children of only one other family in their home need not be licensed. A cooperative arrangement where each parent of some members of the group of children being cared for takes her or his turn watching the children does not require any licensing.

The only circumstances under which such a coop would require licensing is if one or more of the adults supervising the children was not a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or lawful guardian of at least one of the children or if anyone is paid for the child care services; or if more than 12 children are being supervised.

California, as do many other states, requires that these at home moms and others seeking home child care business opportunities attend several hours of emergency health care training including CPR, first aid for children, prevention and recognition of infectious disease, child nutrition, sanitary handling of food, emergency evacuation and recognition and reporting procedures if child abuse is suspected.

Child care business opportunities for stay at home moms are plentiful but do require preparation and strict attention to the little ones in their care.

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