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Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money From Home

Apr 1, 2008
The internet has opened a wide variety of money making opportunities for home based businesses. These programs are very accessible, but they can also be confusing! Affiliate marketing is one such opportunity, choose wisely to find a program that best fits your tastes and interests and you will be successful.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is in the frontier of marketing and advertising. Creative individuals develop new programs and techniques every day. The basic premise of affiliate marketing is the promotion of these products by people who have become agents for the product, and receive a commission for making a sale.

How Will I Earn Money?
Affiliate marketing programs have two sides: the person selling a product and a person promoting that product. Again, because the internet has opened many doors for people, small niche companies and creative entrepreneurs have a wide variety of products for sale, but don't have hefty marketing budgets like large companies. To promote their product, these business people will enroll affiliates, offering commissions of up to 75% to people who promote and sell their product.

As an affiliate marketer you have the chance to promote products you believe in, and have interest
in, to the world at large and will earn commission on the resulting sales. Affiliate marketing works well for everyone involved. The person selling the product gets advertising, and the affiliate marketer earns commission by marketing the products.

How Can I Get Involved?
It is a myth that you need a website to become an affiliate marketer. You can join the vendor's affiliate program and you just need an email address. You join one or more different marketing programs, which are almost always free to join as an affiliate, and then begin promoting their products. You will be given an affiliate link with each promotion so that purchases can be tracked to your efforts. As you make sales, the owner of the product will send you payment, in the form of your choice (usually a check or through Paypal) at a regularly determined interval.

In Conclusion
Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and enjoyable way to earn money from home. Companies or entrepreneurs participating in affiliate marketing programs by offering commission on their products, benefit greatly by affiliate promotion and often provide many tools and tips to help promote the product. By becoming an affiliate marketer, you will have access to many different products to promote, however, you will naturally make more sales if you are interested in the product and can advertise it with enthusiasm. Much as the internet seemed wide-open and strange when first introduced mainstream, so at first may the affiliate marketing world. The internet has changed the way we live and work, and so will the concept of affiliate marketing.
About the Author
Mary Elliot started in affiliate marketing a few months ago and is constantly learning as she moves forward. Join her here as she achieves her desire for financial security and the freedom to live life to the full.
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