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The Importance of a Web Site

Aug 17, 2007
Needless to say, having a web site to promote your business or ideas is imperative nowadays. Nearly all households have access to the internet, sometimes even on more than one computer. The great thing about the internet is that it can reach the whole world, and not just your neighbourhood. Thus, if you have anything to sell or anything to say, everyone can get to know about it.

Your web site is your shop window and it is open 24/7. It needs to be eye catching and transmit your message in a few seconds. It needs to have enough content that explains your message and what you do. It needs to load fast, be reliable and look professional. The impression your site should give is that of a company or professional who knows what they want to sell, or the message they want to send.

Having a web site is not just a commodity for businesses nowadays, but a must. A company or a professional without one is like a salesman without his business card. The site needs to be your profile and what's good about it is that there is limitless information you can put on it. Another good thing is that static content on your site can be changed very easily. Even better, you can opt to go for a dynamic site which will automatically change your content based on changes to your business, like stock items, prices, articles, services and more.

Promoting your web site is the next step after having designed and developed one. The best way to do this on the web is by using the search engines. After all, the people you want to visit your site have no other choice to find you except from the search engines, unless they already know of your site. This is normally done through a search engine optimization process directly on your site. Other forms of promoting a site are; paid advertising with the search engines and inbound links from other related or non-related sites.

The work involved in projecting your site can also be used for presentation purposes, without the presence of the internet. Static sites can easily fit on CDs and their content can be used and presented as the company's virtual business card or as the company's portfolio. Dynamic sites, on the other hand, can be used as a desktop application, whereby company employees can login and use the administrative pages to update and report data directly in and from the project's database.

Today, many businesses depend on their site. Some companies have gained immeasurable exposure and have even doubled and tripled their sales revenue as a result of a well designed web site. The same thing applies for artists and individual professionals who require both local and foreign exposure.

Your web site is your identity, make sure you have one!
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