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Direct Merchants Or An Affiliate Program?

Apr 2, 2008
Most people who start marketing online try to get into affiliate marketing of some kind, They find their selves searching through many affiliate programs and direct merchants, This can be a huge task in itself for a new affiliate, Then the question comes up, should I use affiliate programs or direct merchants or both, Direct merchants can take some time to join, once you find one that you want to join you have to go through the application process with each one.

The good part is that many direct merchants offer lifetime or reoccurring cookies, as well as commissions for sub affiliates, and 2nd tier commission payments, These commission structures can be handy for an affiliate marketer. Joining affiliate programs can be a good because you can sign up for one program and promote many merchants and products from one account and get paid from one central source for them all.

Residual commissions are received when the program offers a membership or a subscription of some type that reoccurring, You then get paid for each member that signed up through your affiliate link for as long as the member keeps the subscription or membership, Their can be a lot of money made with this type of program.

In my opinion for the long haul merchants are a way to go because most of them have lifetime cookies, What that means is if someone clicks on your link and then goes back a year or two later you will still get paid for that customer, As with affiliate programs most cookies will expire after one month, As an affiliate marketer you will want to find out before you join any program.

Affiliate programs are based on many different and unique ideas and by operating one accordingly you can rest assured that your business will greatly benefit from it.

When you first start seeing the results from your affiliate marketing start coming in you are probably going to be quite amazed with the whole event. But you will never know unless you give it an honest try, Get your research done and get started if you havn't already to get on your road to financial freedom.

In order to fully understand how affiliate programs work you are going to have to get your feet wet and get started, It may take a little time to see results but be patient and dedicated and it wont be long before you start to see the results that you are looking for.
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