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Is This The Death Of Ebooks On Ebay?

Apr 2, 2008
By now you have probably heard the rumours, eBay is banning the selling of digital products from its auctions with immediate effect as of march 31st 2008.

The reverberations to this announcement are being felt around the globe, from this shocking and deft move by eBay. All over the internet ebook sellers are in a state of panic and desperation as to how their internet businesses will survive such a culling.

Why have eBay taken this drastic action? Who knows, one school of thought is that this undertaking was precipitated by the unscrupulous sellers, who have been for some time manipulating the feedback ratings in order to further their own agenda. Disguising themselves as power sellers with a trustworthy feedback rating and then ripping off honest people.

So what hope for the rest of us hard working sincere entrepreneurs? How are we going to survive this storm? Well firstly this policy change by eBay whilst being inconvenient is not the end of the world. In fact it may well be a blessing in disguise, let me explain for some time now selling ebooks and other digital products on eBay have been subject to certain restrictions, such as only being sold at a fixed price or buy it now auction also the category for your items could only be as everything else information products

Now with this policy change more things are possible. The first thing you will have to do is change the delivery process, no longer can you offer digital downloads as a way to deliver your products. So a simple solution is to put your ebook or software onto CD as soon as you do this you are no longer technically selling a digital item it is now a physical item which means it can be listed in auctions.

Secondly because it is a physical item you can charge more for the item a $1.00 ebook can now sell for $10.00 or whatever value you perceive. Another option you have is to actually turn your ebook into a real book again selling for higher value, and it does not stop there if you are willing to embrace change.

Now if you are a small business seller on eBay you can learn how to burn Cds at home on your P.C. or you can out source and find a partner to do this for you. If you are a power seller you can use fulfilment houses to process and distribute your products there are many companies online happy to perform this service for you, so in effect you can have a different kind of automation system in place.

Were you aware that eBay has a section called classified ads no, well they do and if you still want to sell your items digitally you can do so through the classified ads section of the eBay site, to place ads there is cheap and they can run for 30 days.

So there you have it, just a few of the ways that this policy change from eBay does not spell the end of your home business. In fact this change is going to make your online internet business even more profitable if used correctly.
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