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Evaluating Home Based Internet Businesses for Investment

Aug 17, 2007
There are literally thousands of home based internet businesses that have been started over the past few years, with many being hugely successful, while others failing miserably. The question that many people are trying to figure out is how do you know when a business like this operated over the Internet will be successful. This is a brand new ball game, which many of the existing guidelines of business behavior do not apply. We will examine a few of these concepts in this article and hopefully you will find them helpful and interesting as you consider any new Internet businesses.

As we mentioned there are literally thousands of home based Internet businesses, so we cannot review specific possibilities, however this article will discuss some of the areas that entrepreneurs are focusing on.

New Internet businesses can be divided into the following broad categories. Businesses with real products that need to be shipped and use the internet as part of their sales and advertising tools; businesses that are selling services that can be delivered over the internet such as software code, etc.; businesses that are providing tools to support online business which can consist of both hardware as well as applications for security, marketing, analysis and evaluations. Then of course there is all of the immoral areas, spam and other areas that many people are into, but most would frown on. This latter type of business will not be discussed in this article.

Every business, whether it is a Internet business or what we will call a brick and mortar business should be evaluated before you invest time and resources. The traditional elements such as a business plan, skill set requirements, strategic fit etc should be reviewed and if you are satisfied, business owners may still want to proceed with the new business opportunity.

In addition to the above traditional areas that should be considered, anyone beginning a new Internet business should evaluate the potential of their idea from another aspect. Since the Internet is relatively new, there are few established business guidelines and rules to follow. Investors are still learning what this means and how the Internet can be exploited for business opportunities.

Starting home based Internet businesses is risky and calls for a different approach. Many investors will test the waters so to speak, with trials and will complete their research on the Internet to determine how much competition there is, what services or products are being offered and evaluate whether they can be successful in their chosen area. Advertising is another key element that must be considered in any business, but specifically an Internet business. Traditional advertising media usually does not work, instead owners of new home based Internet businesses must consider advertising using the internet as their means of finding customers and communication with their customers.

Evaluate the skills you need to begin your home based Internet business and seek the training you need or hire the appropriate people with the right skill sets. Once you have completed the research into these home based Internet businesses, you can make a decision regarding investment using some of the traditional economic and strategic business evaluation tools.
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