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Use Moore's Law to Get More Lead Time on Irresistible Force Changes

Apr 2, 2008
For the past several decades, the number of transistors on a semiconductor chip has doubled approximately every twenty-four months at a more or less constant cost for the chip. The observation of this trend, made by Gordon Moore, Intel's cofounder, is the basis of Moore's Law.

Those who are interested in exceeding future best practices for anticipating future events have often been slow to see the applicability of Moore's Law to their own situations.

They tend to act as though there will never be another improvement in semiconductors past the current one.

To help you in this regard, I propose a corollary to Moore's Law and call it The Irresistible Force Data Breakthrough Corollary: The ability to process data will expand by 32 times every ten years.

Therefore, you should be collecting proprietary data now for anticipating changes in irresistible forces that it will only be practical to calculate and use years from now (perhaps as many as ten).

By taking this step, you can probably achieve a multiple-year lead on most competitors who will only begin assembling data when they can be immediately used.

An example in the development of new molecules through chemistry or biotechnology could be data to support answering questions that would require calculating tens of trillions of simultaneous equations. If that sounds far-fetched, realize that some scientific problems now require simultaneous solutions for a billion equations.

In my own practice of stock-price improvement, I've built proprietary data over the last three decades that probably won't be able to be used for another five years. Those data will be like a fountain of youth that competitors cannot tap when I'm able to start using it.

I also suggest you think about ways that semiconductors can be used to gather data that would not otherwise be available. Future sensors, for instance, will be able to detect increasingly smaller shifts in irresistible forces.

We are already seeing this effect in the use of biochips which enable scientists to track what's happening inside a person while interacting with a new ethical drug or chemical.

Beyond that, with enough progress we can expect that you will be able to measure at some point every conceivable shift that might occur without even needing a theory about what will go one.

From such a wide database and perspective, new dimensions of understanding about irresistible forces will be possible.

What should you start measuring today that no one else is?
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