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Be Battle Tested in Adapting to Powerful Trends and Irresistible Forces

Apr 2, 2008
You need to be full of game and not just guessing when it comes to meeting the major challenges that powerful trends and irresistible forces bring. Otherwise, you may be frozen into inaction as occurred with many government leaders during Hurricane Katrina as it bore done on New Orleans.

Irresistible forces have a way of overwhelming peoples' emotions. But if you practice facing extreme forces of those forces often enough, you start to be able to handle your emotions and still pick good choices.

Arie de Geus points out that people learn much faster through play than through actual training on-the-job or classroom education.

He ascribes several reasons for this success:

-In play, our minds are more open to experiences because we have nothing concrete to lose;

-we also learn best when we enjoy what we are doing and, by definition, play is fun; and

-since play has no future consequences, we are less inhibited about trying things.

Simulation-based training, which helps employees become more effective in many fields, can be improved by putting it into a "game" or "play" setting to prepare people for adapting to irresistible forces.

In addition, you can use games to anticipate how your enterprise will react to changes in irresistible forces and to the arrival of new irresistible forces. The outcomes will give you a clear view of what your stalls are likely to be under various circumstances.

Then you can create simulations that use different methods to overcome stalls.

This play or games approach provides enormous advantages in such areas as deciding how and when to modify compensation and recognition to reflect shifts in irresistible forces.

Otherwise, you're just experimenting based on the best guesses of your staff and whichever advisors and consultants you happen to use. Such analytically driven experiments are seldom as successful as what can be learned in a few days of simulations, and the simulations cost a lot less to conduct.

It doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming to play such games. You can simply bring groups of decision-makers together, brief them that you will be announcing new conditions to consider, and ask them to respond in a given amount of time.

After a few experiences, you'll find that they do a lot better.

I often apply this method to help senior executives select improved stock-price improvement strategies. Within 3 hours, they can use good data to make excellent decisions.
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