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Getting Past Your Fears in Your Home Business

Apr 2, 2008
Fear is something most people don't really like to talk about. You want to feel as though you are doing everything you can to succeed. But for most people there's some aspect of their home business that is harder for them to work on than others, or something they would like to do but haven't worked up the nerve for yet.

In my own case, I can cite two examples. The first is releasing my first ebook for sale. I've done a free one before, but the thought that people might pay for what I write is quite an idea. Releasing it has been a challenge, even though I know the information is good.

Then again, I get similarly nervous anytime I see someone reading my work, even though it is almost always praised.

But there's a bigger step I hope to take: either podcasting or video blogging. I know I'll work myself up to face those fears sometime; it's just a matter of when and how.

How do I do that?

The first step for me is to simply work up to it. Getting things ready for release is one of the easiest times to procrastinate, of course, as I try to make everything just perfect. Perfect shouldn't matter, however. Good enough should be, well, good enough.

The big step comes in deciding to take action. You have to figure out what it will take to make yourself do so. For me, that means not having an audience. Makes me more self conscious and therefore more reluctant to do what I ought to be getting done It may be different for you.

That decision to take action is a huge step, especially if you really do follow through on it. There are no benefits to failing to take action. Taking action means you might fail or you might succeed. It's a risk.

Fortunately, it's a risk that often feels good after. No matter how nervous trying something new for my business makes me, even if it's a flop, it feels good to have just tried.

Sometimes fear is a good thing. If you're fearful about overspending on your home business, you probably need to be looking at what it is you are doing. You could be right about that. If you're considering something that might make a mess of your business reputation, that's another good reason to think again.

Overall, I like it when something makes me a little nervous in business. It means I'm challenging the limitations I've placed on myself. While getting past my fears hasn't always lead to success, it has helped me to move forward many times.
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Stephanie Foster blogs at http://www.aspectsofhomebusiness.com/blog/ about running a successful home business. She offers advice on affiliate marketing and other topics at her site.
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