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Is eBay Putting You Out of Business?

Apr 2, 2008
One can not fail but be astounded by the train of thought exhibited by Brian Burke of eBay. He says, to quote him verbatim "Digital goods are often reproduced at little to no cost to the seller. On eBay, this creates the potential for Feedback Manipulation (both real and perceived)".

As for the costs of reproduction concerned in creating a digital product, think of the example of drug companies - millions upon millions may be spent on the product research and development phase, but the manufacture of the product itself once perfected is incredibly cheap. The millions have still been invested in this product, regardless of how inexpensive it may be to make and distribute.

Since when does the cost of production have anything to do with the viability and demand of a product? It can take months to actually launch a digital product. Does all the product creation and pre-launch involved in getting a product to market account for nothing? I've personally purchased low priced ebooks that were extremely informative and would've paid more for the information had they asked.

Is eBay claiming I was somehow abused because I got a good product at a low price? Wasn't it their developers that created special digital delivery enabled listings by meeting with and discussing the benefits with the eBay selling community?

Now as for feedback manipulation, bad feedback can be gotten from a buyer for even a sale of one cent! As for myself, I know I have left unfavorable feedback to sellers for extremely small ticket items - cases where the product was just not worth even the nominal price paid. the price of the item is not really that relevant to customer satisfaction, no matter how much or how little is paid, the buyer can still feel as if they have gotten a bad deal.

eBay's listings, of course are not free. The seller has to pay in order to list his or her products.

It would be nice to know the real motivation why eBay seems to want to destroy an entire industry when there are many ways to remedy their supposed problem. eBay provides the service. They tout it as a method of advertising products and services at a reasonable cost. Now all of a sudden eBay decides that entrepreneurs who craft products that fill this niche are scamming the system.

One such method would be to simply discount feedback that came from items selling under a particular threshold, or not allow feedback at all under a certain price.

It is hoped that eBay will soon revise this policy which is doing such damage to many of their users. There have certainly been adverse effects to businesses utilizing eBay as a venue for their wares from negative feedback - however, as stated above, there is in fact an easy solution to this. The digital segment of the eBay marketplace is growing quickly, and as with any other market segment, opinions may vary as to the products themselves.

Let's work to get Ebay to be realistic, humane, and simply use good business sense and straighten this out.

My 2 cents worth,
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