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A Guide To Job Searching In The UK

Apr 2, 2008
Finding the perfect job can be a long and arduous task. That is if you don't do it correctly. Many of us are new to job searching and very few of us have a wealth of experience as to how to go about it. The problem with job searching is that finding the right job for your skills, qualifications and interests can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

One of the major problems that a job seeker faces in finding a job is that there is no central starting point. If you are looking for a job you only have a few options. These are searching the latest job adverts in the paper, applying to an agency to find a job, visiting the job centre and searching online.

Newspaper Advertisements

Searching in the newspaper for the latest jobs can be an excellent option. It can mean that you are able to contact companies that are advertising jobs directly. This can mean that you can find a job quickly and efficiently without having to leave your house. The negatives for this are that newspaper advertisements need to be responded to individually. This can be quite time consuming and as a result it can be quite frustrating. Especially if you are writing a new covering letter for each job that you apply for.

It can also be frustrating as there are a limited number of jobs available in a local area. This can mean that it very hit and miss as to whether the right job will come along for you. This means that you could be lucky or you could be unlucky. It is nevertheless a good source of jobs for the job seeker as, unlike agencies, the advertisement fee has already been paid and therefore it is a more straightforward way of getting a job as you do not have to deal with troublesome agencies.

Applying through an Agency

Agencies can be a great resource for people that are looking for a new job. They can also be a right pain in the backside. The problem with agencies is that they are a middle man in the recruitment process. They provide a link between you and the company that has vacancies but they also take over the recruitment process for the company that wants to fill vacancies. The agencies are fast becoming the method of choice for recruiters and as a result are becoming increasingly important to job seekers.

The problem with this is that a job seeker often has to apply to as many agencies as possible and register with each so that they will be sent for interview for a job. This can be extremely frustrating as agencies then dictate whether or not you are put forward for a job or not.

Using the job centre

The job centre is one of the best ways to find a job. It is a free service that is offered to help people find jobs and help employers find employers. It is possible to walk into their offices and search thorough their database and find jobs. The computer systems in the job centre allow you to print off job details quickly and easily. It is usually kept up to date and is a great option for all.
About the Author
Shaun Parker works for a succesful recruitment agency which helps the unemployed who are Job Search UK. He has many years of experience under his belt and hopes that this guide benefits those looking for work.
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