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Content Is Still King

Apr 2, 2008
There is a debate raging in the online world about content and search engine optimization (SEO). One side is fairly certain that the old way of doing things, SEO, is being replaced for good by free online information that is designed to capture a prospects email address with a free offer or a set of links to products. That side is sure that content is the most valuable aspect that will convert browsers to customers. They are sure there is ample evidence in website after website to prove that content is still king.

Other experts feel that the comments about SEO being dead are a little over the top, but even this group concedes there are significant changes in the works. This group supplies certain evidence of change and they start by pointing out that even if you have a small site of under ten pages you stand a chance of getting ranked on the first page with the big search engines. As well, there is a definite trend toward frequent content updates and this trend seems to be picking up steam. Consider the fact that three blogs are updated every second.

Shopping cart sites have made their mark but continue to struggle to keep their place. Many aficionados feel it is much better to read about the best in stereo systems from an expert in the field than try and figure it all out by themselves.

Based on the new trend that is emerging, the best way to make a new content site or convert a site that is based on products to a content site is about following a few basic rules and the first of these is to do some keyword research and come up with a list. Success comes here when you start to incorporate subsections. If each area of content that you want to cover is like a category, then each subsection is a tributary of these categories. Each keyword is a category. Articles based on a family of keywords make up the content in those categories. This process of dividing up categories goes on and on.

You should also map out all the keywords as per their importance and in the end you will have a structure like a tree. It is important to feed this tree with articles one branch at a time. Now you can add some links to the other products you sell on these keyword pages.

Always keep things brief and concise and remember that browsers read like us from top to bottom. Knowing this, always leave something of interest like a freebie at the bottom of the page. Remember to only post an article on your site once.

Remember too that there is no magic number about percentages for the total number of pages that you can add at once but if you do add a large amount like 150%, Google will penalize you. Start the build up slowly increasing the number weekly.
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