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Starting a Home Tutoring Business

Apr 2, 2008
More and more stay at home moms or people simple tired of their daily 9 to 5 are looking to start their own home businesses. There are numerous home businesses that one can start. Tutoring is a great at home business and it doesn't cost a lot of money to start up.

A home tutoring business requires very little start up money and training. A tutor can conduct business with the minimal purchase of pencils, paper and maybe a few books. This can cost you less than twenty dollars. This business is great for moms that want to stay home with their children and provides a great deal of time flexibility. This is because tutors usually spend only a couple of hours a day tutoring. Of course this depends on how many students the tutor wants to take on.

Tutors can conduct business in their own home, online, or at the residence of their students. This is great because there is no rental fee for an office. The only cost is transportation and the amount of time a tutor spends on classes.

Most tutors can charge as little as fifteen dollars an hour or as much as forty dollars an hour. The rates that are charged depends on the subjects being tutored and the location of the tutoring services.
Advertising and marketing is important in building a successful tutoring business. Tutoring services can be marketed in various ways.

First a potential tutor should create a profile by listing credentials, degrees and any prior tutoring experience.

Next the potential tutor should think about the area they want to teach and the age group they want to teach. Many tutors specialize in subjects such as History of English. Others may specialize in tutoring elementary students.

When the resume is complete the potential tutor can approach schools and offer their services. The tutor can approach the school principal or a school counselor about the tutoring services they offer. Counselors and principals are always on the lookout for tutors that they can recommend to parents whose child may be having a difficult time in school.
A potential tutor can also stick an ad or flyer on bulletin board in super markets, laundromats, and convenience stores located in their town. Parents may notice the ad and call to inquire about tutoring services. Flyers can also be stuffed in mailboxes throughout the area.

Another good marketing idea is to contact a parents who home school their children. A lot of parents who teach their child at home may need a tutor to help in certain areas the parent finds difficult.
The amount of money that can be made with a home tutoring service depends on the level of commitment the tutor has. The more time an individual spends tutoring, the larger income they can generate. Some tutors can make up to fifteen thousand dollars a year by working twenty hours a week.

Once a home tutoring business gets going and a student begins to get good grades in the subject they were tutored in, the business will grow.
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