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Paid To Take Survey : How To Find The Best Free Paid Survey Site

Apr 2, 2008
Its one the best surveys that pay you regularly. So if you want to get paid to take survey, then try choosing the best. This article will tell you how.

There are many paid survey sites on the Internet and unfortunately, some of them are not a good choice for those hoping to add a little extra income to their monthly budget. The scam survey sites are actively attempting to separate you from your money. They will often delay or avoid paying in order to collect membership dues and startup fees for unwary survey site members. If you do the needed due diligence, though, you can expect to receive a tidy sum on top of, or in addition to your other day job. In order to be paid to take survey forms and complete them, you need to check out the survey site completely before paying in any money.

Check for legitimacy

In order to check for legitimacy on any of the paid to take survey sites, do a Google search and look at the results. If the site is legitimate and not trying to hide anything, you will usually find a company site. Many of the legitimate survey company sites will appear on the survey company rating forms, although the rating company is sometimes a subset of the survey company. If you do not find any record of the survey company on the Internet through a search using your favorite search engine, you should think carefully about whether this company is a good one to join.

Look for user testimonials or forum posts

Good survey companies often will have a forum attached to the web site for the company. The forum should allow guests to enter and ask questions about the type of results that are typical of the company. Find out if the payments for surveys for which members are paid to take survey forms to complete are timely and correct. If you spend a great deal of time squabbling with the survey company in order to be paid, it's just not worth the effort.

Use a web survey company

If you use a web survey to select the companies where you are paid to take survey questionnaires, you will find that the contract with the web survey company provides a level of protection from scam companies and fly-by-night outfits. The web survey company will review the various opportunities and not only give you information about the wording of the contracts and surveys, but will actually vet the companies. The best companies are careful of their reputation with the market research team.

Choose surveys that are in your own locale

Survey companies that are in your own country are the best choice to be paid to take survey forms and complete. If the company is studying the market for a UK product, a market response from people in the United States may be of absolutely no value. Trying to conceal your identity with an anonymous IP address will only make things worse, since you may lose out on some even better and more appropriate surveys by pretending to be from the wrong country for the first survey.
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